Chapter One

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Jason had broken the rules.

That was why Kieran was here — following him, on the prowl. Kieran had never been in the human world before, and he had not been aware that Jason had before now. But observing him, Jason knew his way around pretty well.

He was wearing black eyewear over his eyes, but Kieran knew it was to make sure that he was safe in the human world and to make sure that no one even suspected that he was different. That was why he was wearing them, to keep up his façade of being human while lurking in their world.

They were not the horrific monsters that people had been brought up on; they did not change at full moon - Kieran's kind could change at will, they were more normal wolves with a human form and side. Not werewolves.

Kieran, however, stayed to the shadows. The good thing was, no one could see him unless they were looking, which, thankfully, they were not. Human's disgusted him, the stories that he had heard over his short lifetime; it made his blood boil and skin crawl. But he was not disappointed in anyone more than Jason disappointed him at this time, their secret was sacred, and it had to be protected. No human could come out alive if they found out, Jason knew that.

Jason had disappeared from the pack a few weeks before, but still, his scent clouded the area – he stayed in one place, it seemed.

Jason was the polar opposite to Kieran, with his beautiful white hair and green eyes, he was an anomaly in the pack, and no one else had those features. Jason, however, had brown hair, and brown eyes, he was the epitome of what a wolf looked like in their pack, and everyone had those features.

Kieran was only here to make sure Jason was doing nothing stupid; his father had ordered him to go. He assured Kieran, that, if Jason indeed agreed to come back to the pack, then his punishment would be less severe – a night in the box, no meat and no sleep, and even that seemed severe enough. But Kieran knew his father more than anyone; he knew that was a lie. He also knew that if he returned empty-handed, he would, well, that was undesirable.

The box. Kieran shuddered. He remembered back to his youth, he had been placed in there before, for three nights, it had not been for something he had done, but it was to show Kieran's resilience. His father being the alpha, and with Kieran being next in line – he had shown he was robust enough to deal with a few nights in the box.

It was not out of Jason's personality to disappear for a while, but Jason had been going missing a lot more than usual recently. Kieran had assumed it was just because he was becoming older, more independent. But the others had become just as curious as he had been, and because he would not speak about where he was going – keeping it a secret – Kieran and the other's had to become the leader of stealth and follow him on his daily, or rather nightly escapades.

Kieran watched from afar as Jason entered into a, well, he was not sure what it was.

A monster Kieran would call it, it was large, bricks fitted together and towering up into the sky like the trees were back at his pack. Jason opened the mouth of the monster and entered with no worries, disappearing as he shut the mouth once more.

The human world scared Kieran, he had almost begged father not to make him go – to send one of the more prominent and more brutish members of the pack after him, but he forbade anyone but Kieran to attend on the search and rescue party, although, by the way, that he was acting, this did not seem like any rescue Kieran had ever seen before.

Again, this was a test – to see if he was alpha material, if he could get Jason back to the pack, then it would be a confirmed triumph to show how capable that Kieran was at his future role in the pack.

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