The Purple Eye Disease (Alexandria Genesis)

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Alexandria Genesis (Purple eye disease)?

I have heard of this disease called the purple eye disease (Alexandria Genesis). There has been debates about whether it's real or not. It's called Alexandria Genesis because there was supposedly a woman in 1329 London that had the disease and it was named after her. Characteristics of the disease are as follows:
-Blue or gray eyes that deepen in color and turn purple during puberty
-No facial or body hair other than the hair you're born with (eyebrows, eyelashes, hair on head, nostrils)
-Dark brown or black hair
-Fair skin that doesn't burn or tan
-Lack of menstruation cycle (in women)
-Little or no bowel movement
-Very strong immune system (able to resist every disease known to man)
-Long life span
-Perfect 20/20 vision
-Never overweight (metabolism prevents gaining too much fat)
-Well developed and proportioned body

It has also been known that not only caucasian, but also interracial people have had this phenomenal disease. This disease has been around roughly since the 14th century. People say that in this modern 21st century they have not ever met someone with the disease. Of course they wouldn't have considering it is rare. People also say that in order for one to be classified with the disease they must possess absolutely all of the characteristics of it. I have done A LOT of research and it is not true that someone must have ALL of the characteristics of the disease. You have to remember that it has been around since for several centuries and our world has drastically altered since then. New discoveries have been found that has mildly affected certain things in humans themselves depending on the individual. Of course that would affect the way the purple eye disease physically appears depending on an individual. Someone may have the disease and they may have their period or not have purple eyes at all, but have all of or most of the other known traits of the disease. 

In my research I have found that people who find a person who carries all of the traits except one or two of them automatically assume that they do not have the disease which is not always true. The purple eye disease does have strong genes in determining the characteristics of a person, but you have to know that in our world today even though a person may appear a certain ethnicity, their family's generation traces so far back that they could be multi-racial and it may not be in their knowledge even if traits show that the person is not just the ethnicity that they are aware of. This proves that in today's world not absolutely all of the traits of Alexandria Genesis will physically appear in someone who has this condition. 

You may also think that if someone has this disease that they would want to show themselves to the world to prove the public wrong, so why wouldn't they? Considering how scientist do not know much about this disease and how ruthless our world is today, I believe people with the purple eye disease wouldn't want to put themselves in the public eye to be judged and to keep themselves safe; in fear that they will have research done on them against their will simply because an individual possesses something so rare. You may think that this is not true or that this theory that I have concluded is insane. It's not. 

The government controls certain things and they have the ability to make it possible to wipe someone's identity off the face of the earth. Just like a person who practices telekinesis and excels extremely well in the skill of moving objects with their mind. They hide this skill from the public because if news of this extraordinary talent were to reach the government, they would be taken in for testing. This is why many people do not believe in telekinesis; because once the public knows, the public talks, and the government wants to keep society as normal as possible. "abnormal" people keep their unusual abilities and traits hidden from the public, and those that do step into the light are very careful in what they show and inform the public of. 

I posted this because I wanted to know what you as an individual person think after reading this. I have provided a logical and reasonable hypothesis regarding extensive research that I have done. I have also came to my conclusion regarding personal experiences. Scientists still wonder about this disease, but I have concluded all of my reasoning with a "ninth" grade education. Never underestimate an individuals intelligence or abilities. Thank you for reading and please leave your opinion in the comment section below.

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