Mating ceremony

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Jace PoV

The day was finally here, the mating ceremony was tonight and I wasn't at all nervous. In fact I was excited. I couldn't wait to officially make Eden mine in every sense of the word. Yes I had to share her with Blake but I had come to realise that there was no point in me dwelling on that fact.

It was a fact, he wasn't going anywhere and if he did Eden would be miserable and all I wanted was for her to be happy. Well I wanted to kill the wolves that got away from the attack at the mall as well as our murder hungry, insane fathers. But not today, today was about all about Eden and nothing and nobody would ruin her special day.

"So are you ready for tonight?" Hayden smirked across the desk at me knowingly. I'd barely been able to sit still or focus on anything all day so he knew how ready I was.

"At least I'm not as nervous as you were at your ceremony with Mia. I swear you threw up from the moment you woke up right until the ceremony began"

"Umm that might have had more to do with the wild  night out you forced me to have beforehand. I don't think I've ever drunk so much in my life!" Hayden laughed remembering how much fun we had the evening before his ceremony. It was messy!

"Didn't hear your complaining at the time it's only after Mia found out you blamed me like I dragged you out to that club" I pointed out knowing how much trouble I got him in with his mate. She was one seriously angry she- wolf.

"Mia is a tough cookie when she gets angry you know that" Hayden rolled his eyes at how tight a leash she had him on.

"If only she'd loosen that leash abit though Hayden. You might be able to breathe without asking"

"Fuck you. I bet Eden keeps you in line. She's the true alpha in the relationship" he quipped teasingly

"She knows who is in charge when the time is right don't you worry"

"I don't wanna know anymore than that thanks bro" my brother made a quick exit from my office on that note probably trying to burn my last comment from his memory.

Blake PoV

I'd waited 300 hundred odd years to find my mate and just my luck she has another mate too. It was really hard to share someone that means the world to you. No matter how much of Eden I get, I always want more, no I need more. I need her to survive and yet Jace feels the exact same way. Eden loves him so much she'd be lost without him and as hard as it is sharing her is better than being without her. No matter how much it sucks at times.

But tonight at this mating ceremony at least Eden becomes officially mine and I'll officially be hers. Nothing could go wrong today, it was way too important to be ruined.

Security was going to be extra tight and we'd only invited those people that were closest to us then the pack would join the celebration afterwards. I was still reeling from the attack on Eden and my brothers at the mall and I wanted blood so badly I could almost taste it but I was trying to put my need for retribution at the back of my mind until the ceremony was over.

Eden PoV

I'd been sick three times already today and the way my stomach was churning with nerves I was in no doubt I'd be sick again before the day was out.

I'd never wanted a mate and all the magical fairytale romance tales didn't appeal me to at all, when I attended mating ceremonies as a child they didn't interest me one little bit.

They were so boring Sawyer would often play games with Harry, Skylar and I to entertain us. All I wanted to be was a top warrior, I wanted to fight and protect  my pack and nothing else seemed to matter.

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