Chapter One

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Lena hurried herself to the small apartment building in the middle of town. Her head was racing with questions, her heart pounding, she was growing anxious -- worried for the younger lady. She exited out of her vehicle, and trotted up to the door entering inside. She wandered over to the stairs, and walked until she was on the fourth floor of the building.

Her legs dragged herself to the simple painted door, and she knocked gently against the sturdy wood. She heard an audible groan, and uncoordinated steps along the tile floor. The door was hesitant to open, but the face of the desperate girl was seen. Lena noticed the rapid movements of the younger girl's eyes, as if she was waiting for something to happen.

"Are you alright?" Lena asked.

Y/N winced at the soothing voice, and wabbled backwards to let her boss inside the small living space. Lena walked inside with worried eyes glancing every-so-slightly back down towards her assistant. The place was kept neat and organized, some decorations along the counters, and small spaces amongst the wall.

"I am f-fine!" Y/N stuttered, feeling guilty for bothering the busy lady. She closed to door, and locked it for safety precautions. "You didn't need to come here, L-Lena!" The Luthor frowned at the obvious lies spilling out of her beloved assistant.

"I hate lies, Y/N." Lena said. "You clearly are not okay, you sounded helpless on the phone, and you can barely walk straight without bumping into objects."

"Uh. . . ." She was lost for words.

The pain was slowly falling into a tolerable level, but hearing a voice other than her own was horrifying. She didn't believe that her random blackouts were caused from an unknown entity inside her mind, and from the same world the famous Supergirl was born from was concerning considering Supergirl was a very mysterious alien to begin with.

"I'm probably just sick, and panicked for an irrational reason." Y/N said. "You can be on your way, I don't want to brother you any further than I already am."

"Stop, I'm here to help." Lena said, firmly. "Now tell me what's wrong." She guided Y/N to the couch. "Why did you sound scared and helpless when I called you?"

Y/N replayed the alien's voice in her head, doubting if Lena would even believe the truth or look at her like she was an insane being. "My head started to hurt, and I kept hearing the sound of buzzing -- a person's voice was barely audible. . . ." Y/N looked up to see soft green-eyes looking preciously down at her. ". . . .then the buzzing stopped, but the pain was slowly fading -- as it is doing right now."

"What do you mean by a person's voice?" Lena asked.

Y/N eyes broaden, not knowing how Lena would react if she said Ravis. She knew that being blunt would be a horrible choice in this tense situation, so she calmly said three words.

"I don't know." She lied. "It was barely understandable, it could've just been the buzzing sound, and my head playing a dirty trick on me."

"Are you sure?" Lena said.

"Yeah, but it's getting late," Y/N looked away. "So I think it's best if I were to get some sleep for work tomorrow."

"Y/N call me in the morning if you don't feel any better so you can be excused from work without any complications." Lena informed.

"Yes, ma'am!" Y/N chirped, smiling weakly. "I promise I will call you."

"Good," Lena stood up. "I shall be leaving, talk to you tomorrow."

"Bye, Lena!" She watched the pleasant lady leave without another word. She wished she had said something else than a simple: I don't know. But, this was the best for the both of them as she believed.

"What am I going to do, I just lied to the one person that is trustworthy!" She groaned. "Maybe, I could ease the truth little-by-little?" She stood up, and lazily dragged her body to her cold bed.

"Another--" Her mind went blank.


"Hey! Look it's that stupid hero!" A smug man announced. "Ravis right?"
He bowed. "Such a pleasure to meet an alien that randomly appeared!" He cocked his gun. "I wonder how cute you'll look with bullet holes!"

"Please reframe from using such weapons." Ravis stated. "It is unnecessary for someone who is immune to childish tactics."

"It wouldn't hurt to try." The man said.

"Please, this body is not mine." Ravis politely informed. "It is not as durable as my stamina."

"You ain't no hero -- you body snatcher!" He pulled the trigger, and bullets fly through the air.

"I may have not been clear on my intentions." Ravis stopped the bullets from moving a foot towards her. "I am no body snatcher, I am only living inside this human female for so long until my body is able to adapt."

"What kind of weird shit is that?" The man shouted. "You took an innocent woman's body as your own?!"

"For the time being -- I am following Supergirl's influence, and protecting people from violent individuals such as yourself." Ravis said. "So I don't intend to harm this human female in any state or form."

"We aren't objects, you alien scum!"

"I did not say you were." Ravis said.

"May I be of assistance?" The hero herself came behind the man, her arms on her hips with confidence.

"Ah!" The man ran into a small team of cops, and cussed under his breath.

"At least this store is safe from harm." The bullets fall onto the ground. "Now I must return before the human wakes up for work."

"Ravis?" Supergirl said.

"I am sorry, but I must be leaving." She dove into the air and flew away without any comments.

"I just wanted to thank them, such an odd -- what are they?" She scrunched up her noses. "It doesn't matter, Alex I'm heading back."

"Alright, Supergirl." The sister replied.

"You'll never guess who I encountered."

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