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I looked at it and started to cry... I went over to my bed and sat down on it and cried thinking of what might happen to my parents. I layed there just thinking...

What if their gone.

What if I dont see them again

What about alyssa?

Am I ever gonna see them all again

Wtf was I doing here away from them.

Millions of bad thoughts filled my head.

I layed there just feeling empty and then I went to sleep

I woke up and didnt Want to get up ugh I hate getting up in the mornings

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I woke up and didnt Want to get up ugh I hate getting up in the mornings.

What time is it anyways?? You grabbed your phone from the little table beside your bed and checked the time.


Cool its not that late...are the boys up?

I got up and started to stretch and tried to get the tiredness off my body. I walked to the bathroom and washed my hands and face since its important. I guess I should shower later on

I fixed my hair and clothes real quick then went downstairs. The only one  there was the tall guy... Mattia if I'm not wrong

M:Oh look at that the princess is awake

S: uh- please dont call me that

M: woops cant do that your the princess now

He got up from the couch and lifted his arms up

M: no morning hug?

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