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Metathesiophobia- Fear of changes.

Before you think this is some kind of cliche romance story where the girl meets a guy, im telling you its not. Its not a primpy story where the girl hates parties and dosent trust a guy. Kieran (Jack Dail) is not a typical "bad boy" who makes snarky rude comments about everything. Things get more interesting in around chapter 8 or 10. The story has about 40 parts and its mainly about a 16 year old who is pretty pathetic and makes things more complicated for herself. And she doubts herself a LOT. Pranks and other things!

My dream is interrupted with chanting and whispers. I close my eyes and bury myself deeper in my covers. I'm not scared. closing my eyes, the sound grows louder and I hear the door of my bedroom creak. Should I open my eyes? Should I not? But what if it's just my imagination or hallucination. After all two months ago, horrible stuff happened and I've been waking up to be covered in sweat from my memories. I open my eyes.

Rubbing my eyes billions of times, I know it's not a dream. A cloaked figure stands at the edge of my bed. It's moaning crazy shit and I am beyond freaked out. Screaming, I make a run for it. Unfortunately the door is opposite my bed and I have to make quick turns to get away from this thing.

'What the hell do you want! My soul? Well bitch you ain't getting it', I shout and escape through the door.

I don't have a proper life don't I?

There are types of people who would react to this situation. Either your too tired to do anything and go back to sleep, fight the creature, run around crazily like me, or scream your lungs out.

Running in the hall, I trip over something. It's pointy and hurts like hell. Cursing under my breath, I look back and see a blue lego peice. The hallway door is closed for some reason and now I regret sleeping away from my mum and brother as their rooms are upstairs.

I scream as I'm cornered near the door. This is the part in a movie where the dumb blonde's soul gets eaten. Without thinking, I bash the evil thing with my fist and thats when I feel so humiliated. The cloak drops and out comes a girl,

'Jess you idiot', I scream and punch her. Hayley comes out from behind the bathroom holding a video camera. Of course. I was lost in the thought of thinking it was a death eater from Harry Potter when I forgot that my two besties were staying over. Fooled for another prank.


The next morning I try to forget all about the prank. Changing my clothes, I get dressed and ready for school.

'Hey girl, we got seventy views on youtube already', says Hayley my best friend.

I let out a stupid "pfft" sound and roll my eyes. 'Seventy views in like what 5 hours, how lame', I argue and sigh. Despite pranking and dares, we post a lot of other funny videos. Mostly I am the prankee but I'm too dumb to realise that they are pranking me. A tiny bit of me thinks that It could be a prank but the whole majority believes that its real.
Seeing Tyler walk in the gates, Guilt flushes through my body.

Before I was all depressed and the thing happened, I used to be very popular with Hayley too but since the accident I just felt like a misfit and I was depressed for a few months. I used to be bright and bubbly and just out there but now I feel insecure and scared all the time. I have anxiety every now and then and I'm just really insecure about myself. I tap my foot across the pavement as Hayley talks to her other friends.

'Oh yeah! The pool party is on soon!', claps Hayley like a little girl. I suffer by the thought of the pools and pretend that I don't hear that. I haven't been to the pools since what happened with James and I am never going there again. Ever.

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