Chapter 11 - Therapy with Jarvis

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Well a while has passed, Loki had continued to self isolate. Guess what? You also seemed to have a bad luck streak. Whether it was an object falling on you, a simple fall to the floor or knocking something over it always seemed to happen whenever a glimmer of green and the smell of mint passed the air. You have had enough this time.

"LOKI!" You bang on the Asgardians door. What had pushed you over the edge? Somehow your hair had turned l/f/c after a shower. Not caring that the clothes you had put on were getting soaked, here you were. "LOKI IF YOU DONT COME OUT RIGHT NOW I WILL BREAKDOWN THIS DOOR WITH MY BARE FUCKING HANDS!" The door slowly opened to reveal Loki with a cocky smirk.

"What ever can I do for you, lady Y/n?" He gasps as he looks at your head. "What happened to your hair?" You could see the joy playing on his lips.

"Don't you play dumb you- you WITCH!"

"I'm not a witch!" You scoff.

"Then why do you dress like one?" His face just read as offended. "That's not why I'm here, I need you to stop being such a dick! That means stop tripping me over or knocking glasses over and make it look as if it's my fault! A prank here and there is cute and clever but now you're going out of your way to hurt me," you sniffle a bit, not knowing whether the drop of water on your cheek was from your eyes or wet hair. "This hair colour better be gone by the end of the day or I swear to Sif I will personally cut off your hair and make you eat it!" Turning around you go back to your room and flop on the bed. You ask Jarvis to play a random playlist and f/s came on.

"Miss L/n, would you like to talk about it?" This stopped you mid cry. You turned towards the ceiling and sighed.

"About what, Jarv? The fact that I thought Loki wasn't such a dick? Or the fact that I feel like a burden to the Avengers? Or maybe the daily reminders that I will never be successful?"

"How about all of it?" Taking a deep breath you cuddle one of your pillows, staring out the window.

"Well, before I came here I would dream about meeting the real Avengers and having a very adventurous life, to get away from my old dull life- I spent 4 years in business school and do you know where I ended up? Working as a cashier for Dominos..."

"Maybe you just need to wait for your opportunity?" The AI questions in a comforting voice.

"I haven't had an opportunity in the 5 years I've worked, in my town I'm just that girl who likes Marvel, no friends, no parents..."

"I'm very sorry, Miss L/n," you chuckle and wipe a tear on the pillow.

"It's alright, I just- Loki doesn't understand that he actually has people in his life that care about him when I- I have nothing, sure Laufey left him and Odin took him only as a peace bargain.. but he has Thor and Frigga- And I'm not saying I had it worse god no, but he has people there for him... I- I don't..."

"Look at it this way, now you have people, I'm glad to say the Avengers think of you as family, so what's this about being a burden?" Shifting positions you spread your arms out on the large bed.

"I don't know... I just feel like I'm another problem people have to deal with, I mean it's kind of true, Director Fury seemed to express that-"

"Mind my language but Director Fury is an arsehole," a smile creeped up your face. "And you better get that crude thought of being a burden out of your head, you seemed to have brought the Avengers closer,"

"Thank you, Jarv," you say, wiping away tears from your slightly puffy eyes.

"You're very welcome, also Miss Romanoff has asked to meet you in the living room," Thanking the AI once more you stand up and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, your hair was back to normal. Smiling you walk over to the living room and spot Nat kicking Clints ass.

"Y/n! We are going shopping, Christmas is a week away and we need to look good for Tony's Christmas party, that mean no jeans and no band shirts," agreeing to her request Clint pleads for mercy you do a double take at her sentence.

"Christmas?! What the-" you look over at the calendar to see that December was in full force.

"Please, Nat! I didn't steal your Russian candies! Only Tony can erase the CCTV footage!" He whimpers as Nat walks away with a smile. Linking your arm with hers you walk down the hall.

"You already kicked Tony's ass right?" She nods with a grin. "And you only wanted to beat Clint up because why not?" She just smiles as you part ways to get ready for the day.


"Are you sure?" You looked down at the heels you were wearing then at Nat who was holding you up to keep you from falling. "Can't I just-"

"No, Y/n you can't wear sneakers," her strict tone made you zip your lips and continue to walk around the store. "Ok now I'm going to let you go..." you quickly hold on to her tighter.

"Please no- Don't leave me!" She rolls her eyes as you beg for mercy as Clint had done just hours before.

"Too late!" She retracts her hands and you immediately stand still as a statue. "Now take a step forward..." she said softly. Taking a deep breath you put one foot in front of the other and- Splat. Ok it didn't sound like a splat it was more of a squeak and a thud. Rolling over you look up at the light above you.

"The light! I see the light! Take me away from this horror I beg of you!-" Nat peers over you. "No! You're stopping the light from taking me!" She hauls you up and brushes off any dirt from the ground.

"If you can walk confidently in these heels by the time I find my heels we can get ice cream," your eyes lighten up and you start to slowly pace around the room.


How are you guys doing?

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How are you guys doing?

- Anna ❤️

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