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(Hermione's Point Of View)

It was about lunch time until Hermione Granger put her last Gryffindor Scarf (which she found under the bed) into her dusty trunk. She stretched her back in relief as she got all her needs in her trunk, ready for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"Hermione," Her mothers soft voice called up from downstairs,"Hermione? Lunch is ready."

"Coming Mum!" Hermione tilted her head to the door as she replied. Hermione was going to go back to school to finish her last and final year at Hogwarts. She recieved a letter asking whether she was going to return after the School had been rebuilt. After the Battle of Hogwarts, the world returned back to peace after Lord Voldemort's death. Hermione was glad that all that Horcrux hunting paid off.

"Hermione dear. Your lunch won't feed you itself."

Hermione laughed as she walked down the stairs. On the table, sat a plate with a fork, and on it was a tuna salad. Hermione smiled as she sat down.

"Oh, wow mum. Did you make this for me?" Hermione shifted a tomato around.

"Yes. Learnt it from Australia. Funny place that is." Hermione ate it graciously and heard a thud. She looked up and saw a small little owl hovering frantically. Hermione jumped up, opened the window and let the owl in.

"Hello Pig." Pig was Ron's new owl he got after he lost is rat, Scabbers, who was really Peter Pettigrew.

Pig was jumping madly and tilted his leg out. Keen to be rewarded for his delivery, Hermione gave him a bit of tuna. She opened the letter addressed to her.


Mum was wondering if you want to stay at my place for the last weekend. Which is tomorrow. We'll all meet you here and Harry will be staying as well. Send Pig back with a reply and Dad'll pick you up.


"Hey mum. Can I stay at Ron's tomorrow for the weekend? I expect they'll be taking me to school as well."
"Ok dear." Hermione bit her lip as she wrote on the back of the letter.


I can come, I'll meet you at your place then.

From Hermione.

She tied the letter back to Pig.

"Take it to Ron." Hermione watched the little owl fly up and out of the window. Soaring away in the wind. Dropping every inch with the letter. Maybe he isn't a good long distance owl, Hermione thought, What if Ron never gets the letter? Don't worry Hermy. Don't call me that. Hermione shook herself and went back to her bedroom. She grabbed out Hogwarts: A History and started reading it. The sun was going down by the time she finished and decided to skip Dinner and sleep.

That night went fairly quick as Hermione was already at the Weasley's. Mr Weasley had taken Floo powder, traveling through fire places.

"Hermione!" Ron ran up to her and gave her a great big hug. Hermione's legs shook from the weight.

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