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     "HELLO?!? DO YOU KNOW HOW WORRIED WE'VE BEEN?!? I SHO- Teddy please put my daughter on the phone." The person on the other end of the phone had forcibly caused his voice to turn deadly calm.

     Rebecca squeaked and Rivin paled considerably. "Hi Daddy-" She started softly. " Rebecca Ruth Reagan Riona Risa Rythothia Roxa Rica Riva Rayton what the hell have you gotten yourself into this time? Did you go back to the seventies again?" Her father asked coldly. "Daddy I-" "I do not want to here any excuses Rebecca Rayton. Your already in enough trouble with your mother at the moment; don't make me join her in her fumming." James and Fred looked down in guilt; Rebecca was in trouble because of them.

     Rivin took a sharp intake of breath when he looked at his sister; she was mad. "Dad plea-" "Rivin stay out of this. I will talk to you next." "DADDY JUST GIVE US A CHANCE TO FREAKING EXPLAIN WHAT HAPPENED! ALL YOU'RE DOING IS ASSUMING I DID IT! WELL I DIDN'T OKAY! NOT EVERY TIME RELATED INCIDENT IS MY FAULT!" Rebecca took a steadying breath. "Becca, I'm sorry. My temper- anger- worry-" "Daddy you need to stop rambling. I'm sorry I blew up, but I needed to explain." "Alright then. Becca I am sorry; Rivin your grounded. Don't even try to protest because I saw everything. I will try to send Jeffery." with that the phone call ended.

     "YAY!!!" Everyone turned to look at Rebecca; Rivin did not as he knew why. "Why are you so happy?" "Well Uncle Hairy Otter, my dad is sending Jeffrey." Harry looked at her bemused by his new name; everyone but Patrick laughed. Patrick looked upset and he asked, "Who is this Jeffery?" "My-" "Boyfriend." Rivin finished for her smirking. "HE IS NOT! MERLIN RIVIN YOU KNOW HE IS MY TURTLE!" Patrick and Rebecca both glared at the Rayton boy. "I was joking Ruth. Patty stop scowling; it causes frown lines." Despite the use of her middle name, Rebecca giggled. Patrick was called Patty and was scolded about frown line!

     However, before anyone could comment Lily screamed. "BECCA! JEFFERY IS ON MY HEAD AGAIN! GET HIM OFF BEFORE HE FALLS!" Roxanne just shrugged and grabbed Jeffery. "Heya Jeff, miss your ol' Aunty Roxy? OW! He bit me!" "Sorry Roxy, Jeffery is cranky lately. Now off to Never Land so we might free them of the ducks. Vicious little beasts they are." "Why ducks?" "Well you see..."

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