The Girl in the Tower Chap 30

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Chapter Thirty:

Affinity without Integrity

Christina checked her watch, noting it was now one in the morning, and then took up her pacing again. Draco had been gone for so long that she couldn't help being worried about him, especially under the circumstances. And the parade of miserable visitors was unnerving to say the least.

 First there was angry/sad Harry Potter, whom she had immediately liked, even though he'd scared her quite badly. After Harry had come Severus Snape, who she liked well enough, but he was short with her and distraught. Then had come the other two, to whom Christina had assigned names, for they never gave any. "Leery-eyed Red" and "Ms. Pushy." These last two had been the most difficult. 

Even Harry with his smashing and yelling had been easier to deal with. They weren't taking 'I don't know' for an answer. After suffering their unending interrogation, Christina eventually locked herself in Draco's room and for all she knew, they were still here, snooping around. It wouldn't surprise her if they were.

She hadn't seen Draco carry a phone, so how could she possibly contact him? She had no address to visit, no middle-man, unless you count Severus, whom she didn't know how to get in touch with, either. It appeared she would have to sit tight and wait for Draco to return. She just hoped he was alright. Lord knows he wasn't the last time she'd seen him.

As soon as Harry left, Christina had gone back to her own room, showered and dressed for the day, expecting more angry visitors. Now, hours and hours later, she was restless. Pacing just wasn't enough. She had almost made up her mind to go down the hill in the limo when a giant blackbird flew in through the doors to the balcony. Its caw shattered the silence; demanding her attention, then flew to the desk and pushed the stationary around with its beak.

"Get away from there!" She told it, afraid Draco would think she was going through his things, "Shoo!"

Again, the bird nudged the neat stack, and then picked up one of those long feather quills you only see in period films and dropped it on top. Curious, Christina stepped closer, for it seemed to understand what it was doing. To her amazement, the blackbird, the biggest one she'd ever seen, lifted the lid on a little inkwell and cawed once more. Feeling a little spooked, she gingerly sat at the desk and nearly panicked when the enormous bird flew onto her shoulder. Dipping the quill in ink, Christina began her letter with uncertainty. It seemed a little foolish to write it at all, but something told her to go ahead anyway.


I'm sorry to be writing to you, I know you're upset and I know why. Harry Potter came here looking for you, so did Severus and a ginger-haired guy with a very pushy girl who was actually a little frightening. Harry smashed a bunch of your stuff, but he told me what happened.

Last night you asked me to stay here because I might be your only friend after today. I don't know about the 'only' part, but I am exactly that. You told me that you were being forced into a terrible situation, so I know that you didn't want to hurt your friend Sara. I hope she's alright, Draco. Everyone who came here said that she could still be saved. I don't know how it ended. I can only hope that they found you in time.

I also hope you're alright wherever you are tonight. Please send some kind of word, just so I can stop worrying. I'll stay here until your return. If you need a friend, you know where to find me.


P.S. I hope you don't mind if I sleep in your room while you're gone. I know it's assuming and I apologize, but I want to know as soon as you get back.

Christina folded the letter, put it in an envelope, tucked in the flap, and held it out to the blackbird, who had hopped onto the desk. It looked at her expectantly, then took the letter in its beak and flew off through the open balcony doors.

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