The Girl in the Tower Chap 27

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Chapter Twenty-seven:

Forever August

Sara sat at the table, sipping a glass of water, wondering if she should have said something more. Malfoy was now 45 minutes late, it was clear that he wasn't coming, and Sara struggled not to cry. She had been so full of hope, as scared as she was, but the thought of seeing Malfoy again filled her with happiness and anticipation. Now, the reality was that he had stood her up. The disappointment was nothing compared to what it meant.

He hated her, plain and simple. He had taken his friendship away without discussion and would never forgive her. For two years she'd wondered about this moment, not knowing how Draco would react, but she had always believed deep down that he still loved her on some level and would be glad to see her again. She'd never expected this.

She wanted to get up from the table, to have him come hurrying in after being held up somehow and find her gone, but it was just such a thought that prompted her to give him a few more minutes. After all, it was Draco. He would never do something as tacky as this. He would have sent a note.

Sara leaned her head on one hand, propped up on her elbow as she straightened the silverware for the millionth time, took another sip of her fourth glass of water, and sighed. Movement caught her attention and she perked right up, her eyes scanning the room for a blond head walking toward her, but found only disappointment. Why was she waiting here? What difference was ten more minutes going to make? Except for making her feel even worse, waiting was a waste of time, really. The more she tried to force this reality on herself, the more upset she got and wasn't surprised when the sting of imminent tears burned her eyes. She choked them back silently, though Sara was beginning to lose control of her emotions. It was so hard not to cry! Her heart ached, knowing that someone she loved, someone who'd once loved her, had abandoned their friendship. Conspicuously, Sara dabbed at her eyes, hoping no one in the crowded restaurant was watching as she tried not to cry in public, but she simply couldn't help it. The pain of this loss raged, radiating from within until she was wrapped in a cloud of grief that darkened the shadow over her soul as the black streak grew a little bit more.

The sadness swelled in her and she knew she couldn't hold it off much longer so, throwing a few bills on the table, she hurried out of the restaurant.

Outside, the walk was crowded with mid-day traffic, but Sara only got halfway to the car before the sensation of being watched took hold of her and she turned to face the street. It seemed to be business as usual, cars, busses, pedestrians, limos, taxis, people riding bicycles, skateboards, and scooters. But the feeling was there and the more she accepted it, the stronger it became. At once she was sure it was Draco and let her mind reach out to him, her eyes slipping closed in concentration.

"I know you're there." She thought, "Draco. Show yourself to me. You owe me that much."

"I can't." Was his reply.

It was faint, but Sara had no trouble making it out. She had no idea he had the ability to reply and the fact that he could was astounding. The talent was even scarcer than a true seer.

Her purpose over-riding the surprise, Sara let her eyes drift closed again.

"You're watching me." She said, "I need to see you. I know you're angry."

No reply.

"Do you still love me at all?"

No reply.

Sara turned away and hurried to the car, her head bent to hide her eyes; she fell into the seat and pulled dangerously into traffic, doing her best to speed away. Clouds rolled across the sun, darkening the city and chilling the air before the rain came down. Thunder shook the skies and Sara weaved around traffic in a desperate attempt to outrun the confusion of cars and the commotion of the city itself. The top was down, but Sara felt right with the rain driving in on her, pooling on the leather seats and drenching her hair and clothes. Drops of it ran down her face to blend seamlessly with her tears.

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