Im Done With all "This"

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We last left off When Y/n Arrived To Rider High and Went to go meet the Principal of the School and when he felt Safe but that all came crashing down When His Ex's Started to remind him of

Bad memories and start have a breakdown and Going Berserk And Transforming Into Killbus Spider Now lets see What Happen in all this chaos


None Pov

We see The girls now in their kamen rider Forms Facing of against Y/n In Killbus Form Looking At them with out moving or talking

Decade: Place Y/n its not to late please we can make it work right girls

The rest Nod in Agreement But Y/n Growled at Them in anger 

Just when Y/n Was about to Attack But then his Phone Rang 

Everyone just looked at him clueless and Confused But Y/n Did not Care his anger disappeared and replaced with his normal Aura causing everyone to Sigh In relief  

Y/n then looked at his phone and looked who was calling him it was his good friend Ritsuka Fujimaru Calling him this confused Y/n because he hasn't seen him in along time so Y/n Answers His phone 

Y/n: Ritsuka My Man Haven't seen you in forever What do you need buddy old pal 

he says with a smile That Shocks the girls as they never seen him smile before

Ritsuka: (High Piched voice) Umm Y/n I need Your Help Can you come To this place Ill send you the location Im in Kinda in a hurry ill be in a booth Ok see you Bye

*Hangs up*

Y/n Looks at his Phone In confusion But none of the less he agreed and Starts Walking to his Motorcycle But then he hears voices shouting at him

Decade: Wait Were are you going weren't you going to fight us

Y/n: *scoffs* Look at you Your Shaking in your legs and you think you can fight me that goes for the rest of you 

You guys are so pathetic Protectors of the world my ass you can't even keep a relationship what makes it so sure you will Protect the earth So before i go here my suggestion 

Lean from your mistakes and become Stronger Because the way you are now your not even Worth my time But if you show me that you got what it takes then ill give you a second chance

So Ciao

Y/n walks away and disappears while the girls are Frozen in place Thinking of what you Told them and came to a conclusion 

Everyone: Ill Become Strong Then Win Y/n Love Back 


We See Y/n Stand outside of a Cafe Still Henshin But Underneath His Eye is Twitching Because the Location His Friend Gave him was a cosplay Cafe he Want to leave so bad but his friend needed him so he sucked it up and went in 

Inside was a Nightmare for Him One side Just Had a Bunch of girls with cosplay and the other side had a bunch of creepy guys he just ignored that and walked in when a worker approached him

Worker 1: Hello Welcome to Cosplay Cafe Here Let me guide me to your table and By the Way Nice Kamen rider Cosplay It almost looks Real Anyway Follow me *Starts walking to random table* 

Y/n Followed The worker And Sat down But Called His Friend To make Sure "he" Is here 

Y/n: Ritsuka Are you here im at the location you sent me were are 

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