Just the beginning

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A/N Hey guys i decided to write a new story hope you like it and I apologize in advance for mistakes or if its too short

Hi my name is Riley, I don't really know how this works but here it goes.

My name is Riley ( I know you're probably thinking she already said that well I'm gonna say it again).

I have long brown hair that almost reaches my mid waist. I have hazel eyes and I am insecure sometimes. I do not believe in love, I did, but you'll find out about that later. Anyway I live with my mom because my parent's are divorced *yay me* my brother Connor lives with my dad.

I have lots of best friends, but they are all back in Michigan.

Me and my mom moved to California as mostly a get away from the "incident".

I love music. Music is my sweet escape from the fucked up world I'm living in right now.

My last name is Chandelier. I know weird right I'm named after an elegant ceiling decoration. At Least I'm elegant.

I woke this morning and silently refused to get up  prior to the coldness.

I finally got up and ran to go take hot shower. I got out and picked out my outfit. I decided on my first day to wear black skinny jeans, a long white sweater, and I wore my black combat boots. I did my makeup and got my bag ready.

I raced downstairs and got an apple. Then walked outside and got into my shiny black corvette, it was a birthday present from mom for my sweet sixteen right before we moved.

I got in and drove to my new school I mean its only 8:30 and school starts at 9:00 but you really can't be late to school on your first day.

I arrived at 8:38 and made my way to the doors. I took a deep breath and tried ease my nervousness because for all I know this is Just the beginning.

Hey guys what did u think was it good plz point out any mistakes and remember to vote and also follow me I follow back don't worry. Anyway until next time my lovelies❤✌

Ps also if you want to listen to Dancing Away With My Heart by Lady Antebellum ur more then welcome its also where the title is from

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