"Yeah. I'd rather not talk about it." I mutter trying for a neutral tone.

Tia was the next to speak. "Is it true you're staying with that little freak?" The disdain in her voice was enough to make me bristle, it didn't matter who she was talking about.

My jaw clenched as I bit back a warning growl. Slowly easing my jaw back to a loose enough state to answer without hissing."Who told you that?" I demanded with a slight tone of anger coming threw my voice but I hid it behind indignation.

Tia shifted from foot to foot, clearly picking up on my displeasure. Kim, bless the girl, didn't notice a thing as she happily replied. "Eric did."

Tia looked me up and down with a critical eye before adding to the other girl's statement. "He also said she's like unbelievably hot. Is that true?" She prided with a raised brow.

'HE DID WHAT! I'm going to kill that basterd!' "Well I guess that depends on your opinion." I shrug feigning nonchalance. Not at all happy that Eric was going around telling people what DeLacy looked like. I may be a bitch to her but that didn't mean I wanted people trying to harass her, and knowing the guys in this school, especially the lycans, they were certain to.

I could feel a roiling anger simmering somewhere deep in my mind as I thought of what might happen if one of them tried to corner her. The image of her laughing at something her mother had said to her popped into my mind, large white fangs on full display as she smiled. The idea of her taking some asshat by surprise and biting a chunk out of them kept me from getting too angry but I certainly wasn't happy either.

"Wel..." Kim starts to say but I cut her off with a menacing death glare.

Just when I think I might kill one of, if not both, the idiots standing in front of me I catch the putrid smell of a familiar perfume but this time I can smell the faint sent of straight vanilla struggling to get through the stench. I turn just in time to see her get locker checked by one of the jocks who started chortling along with his friends. "'Ay sweetheart, need a hand?" The jock turns back and goes to grab her ass when a very heavy looking textbook gets swung at his head faster than he can dodge.

There was an audible smack as he stumbled back temporarily stunned by the blow along with everyone else in the hallway. Now that people weren't walking over her stuff DeLacy scooped up the binder and the couple of papers that had fallen out of it. Without even sparing a second look she marched off before the guy or anyone else could properly recover.

Clamping my jaw shut I fight back the laugh trying to bubble up out of my throat. Spinning around with a satisfied smirk I walked off to my first period class. As I walk away I start planing on how to get back at the jock. He needed a proper lesson after a stunt like that.


Last period and then I'm free. Unfortunately it's English my worst subject, 'Besides Spanish that backwards crap is hard!'

Trudging into the classroom I make my way to the back of the room to my assigned seat. I'm pretty sure the room used to be a science room because it had a counter with sinks on one wall and the desk were two seater tables instead of actual desk. From day one I cursed the fact that the teacher was human and wouldn't let me switch seats. It didn't matter how often I was around DeLacy's perfume, that was a smell you just didn't get over. I never liked having to sit by her even if it made it easy to cheat off her and even on those few occasions she took enough pity on me to push her paper in my direction I was loathe to having to sit next to the smell that permeated the air around her. Hopefully I could focus on that vanilla I smelled this morning and at least mostly ignore the perfume.

'Speaking of.' DeLacy walks in and all the lycans in the class groan and some discreetly, some not so discreetly, cover their noses. Focusing on that hint of vanilla I forced myself not to scrunch my nose or cover it to block the stink that followed it. It took me a second to realize that the smell of vanilla and slight honeysuckle was significantly stronger than it had been this morning making it almost easy to overlook the smell. Despite my best efforts I couldn't help scrunching my nose a little at the foul odder.

DeLacy quietly slips into her seat and looks at me out of the corner of her eye. When the teacher walks in and starts handing out the assignment we're supposed to do DeLacy pulls out a red spiral and wrights on it. Once she's done she pushed it over for me to read.

'Why didn't you cover your nose?'

I take my pencil and wright back. 'Because I know what you smell like now and I can focus on that instead. Still foul though:P'

Even though she didn't need to she wrought back 'Oh. I knew that.' And I couldn't help but to think that it was the cutest thing to see her like this. I gave a light chuckle but didn't reply.

A few people from class turned to look at me but I didn't pay much attention to them. My focus was drawn to how DeLacy's lips twitched in the beginnings of a smile she kept off her face and wrote something else down.

'Yeah I don't like it either. Makes me edgy.' She writes before turning back to the assignment.

'What is it?' I ask, my curiosity getting the better of me yet again.

'Trust me. You do NOT want to know.' The look on her face told me all I need to know, and that was absolutely nothing.

'Yeah you're probably right I don't O_O' I wright back before turning to my assignment as well when I notice the teacher walking down the rows.

Taking a sideways glance out of the corner of my eye I see DeLacy putting her pencil longways across her lips as if to bite it. I could see her making a conscious effort to not open her mouth in any way.

At that moment I felt an overwhelming guilt as I remember some of the things I've said to her and everything I've done to put her down.

Checking to see if the teacher is looking I quickly write one last thing on the spiral. I don't see her reaction as I turn all my attention back to the assignment. I know she's staring at me because I can feel it but after a while she turns back to her assignment as well.


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