Chapter 2: Clove

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I wake up from exhaustion. I sit up on the shiny white floor and try to see over the clouded glass to check on Cashmere. She is still unconscious on the floor but I can tell she's still breathing.

"Let me out of here!" I yell but no-one answers. I sit on my metal bed and look into the other cells through clouded glass. No one seems to be moving in the cell to the left of me and I get bored quickly.

"Clove Sevina, you are to be picked up immediately" a recorded voice calls. I stand up and wait for someone to pick me up. A guard dressed in all black some and electro-cuffs me before leading me to a small room with a steel door.

"Why Private Room?" I ask looking at the lit sign above the door. The guard ignores me and pushes me into a medium sized gray room. The only thing in the room other than a wall mirror is a simple metal bed with a thin, blue cover. I look around and find nothing else. I sit on it and wait for really anything.

"She's in here" I hear a voice call out "Do what you must, make her cry" the door opens with a slight creak and two guards now wearing gray and no masks walk in. I back up away from them and hit the wall.

"Oh don't be shy" the taller, tanner guard says evilly. I try to find and escape route but the only way out seems to be the door behind them. They both smirk and walk closer and closer. I try to make myself as small as I can but it doesn't work.

"Get, Away. From. Me!" I scream at them. One of them runs to me and grabs my waist. He tries to kiss me and I turn my head. He pushes me closer to him and tries to kiss me again. He pushes his lips to mine and sticks his tongue into my mouth. His tongue roams my mouth and I bite down, hard, onto his tongue. He pulls away from me and smacks my face.

"What are you doing?" he yells and I smirk. He looks evilly at me and throws me onto the hard metal bed. Even with the covering it doesn't ease the fall. I hit the bed with a loud slam and am winded immediately. I try to regain my breath and the guard take this time to get on top of me. Even though I can barely breathe I thrash and hit as hard as I can. He finally gets off probably more exhausted than me and lets his partner have a go.

I sit up on the bed once I have fully regained my breath. I try to think of what to do and get the perfect idea. I smirk at one of them and gesture them to come over as seductively as I can. It feels wrong but I know I must do it to get rid of them. The shorter of the two walks up to me with lust in his eyes and pushes me down. He tries to undo his pants and as he does I knee him right in the groin.

"What the hell?" he yells in pain and I laugh. They both look more tired than they should being that I'm the one doing real physical labor. I smile innocently at them and they both mumble together silently. They storm out the room while I sit there waiting to either be beaten or thrown back into my cell.

"Send her to the Jacker" I hear Snow say bitterly "Give her 3S20 and 12K3" he says. I ponder what that could mean until a different set of guards come to electro-cuff me and lead me down a long corridor into a smaller room.

"What is this?" I say as they push me in and sit me in a metal chair. They start to strap me down and I try to resist. But eventually they strap my legs, arms and midsection down to the cold metal chair. They bring out a small metal box and roll in a cart of medical equipment.

"Just one shot here" one of them mutters as they inject me with a blue colored syringe. I look at them and they start at a monitor with blank expressions.

"What are you doing?" I ask carefully. My limbs start to go numb and I start to get heavy eyed. "What is this stuff" I ask, staying at least half awake. They start to show me a video of my first Games and I start to get a feeling I have never felt before. When looking at the arena and all the bloodshed. I feel tingly and giddy inside. I know I am a Career and we're supposed to feel this way, like it was bred into us. I have never felt this way unless I was killing to save someone I cared about like Cato or Cashmere. I watch the footage, not like I have a choice and get more and more high off of the violence the more I see it.

"What are you doing to me?" I ask still slightly smiling. They turn off the videos and recheck the monitor. They seem either impressed or total disappointed but they don't tell me anything. One of the guard takes 2 syringes and mixes them and sucks the mixture into one syringe. He injects me with a now clearer blue serum and they play some more videos.

"What is this?" I ask impatiently, they smile and watch the monitor as a video starts to play. It's a sort of informational video about the Districts that we got when we joined the Academy. Almost no one but me wanted to watch it and so now I know a lot of it by heart. They show the Districts in order and I am overcome with pride and joy for some reason when they play footage of one and two. I start to get confused but the pride soon becomes overwhelming.

"Clove Sevina" A guard unstraps me and leads me, in electro cuffs, to my cell. "You will have a break at 3" he says and locks me back into my cell. I sleep on my cold metal bed dreaming of mutts and Cato.

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