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English Extension 2 Story- one of the earlier stages

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Where Words Find None, there is Space

Preamble to the constitution, wait, short story:

Have you ever heard the saying "ouch, that really hurt"? Well if not, then apparently you are not human, but if so, read on. The following story may or may not have anything to do with that statement, but it’s a pretty good introductory statement if I ever saw one.

A short comment about writing before we begin: One of the good things about writing is that one can put a character in any situation, time and/or place they wish within the scope of their knowledge, expertise, and/or imagination.

This still doesn't change where the reader or the writer are, it really is just a temporary distraction from reality to entertain, inform or change how someone feels.

But it can be a fun distraction nonetheless!

So without much further ado, please sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Begin (Chapter 1):

The SS Dedalas tore through space, carving an arc of jet-stream in its wake. Ironically, this was not ordinary spaceship. It almost had a mind of its own. Unfortunately, the ship currently had a headache and wasn't in the mood for talking or tearing through space, but it achieved the latter quite successfully without much thought or effort on its behalf.

The crew inside were doing much less tearing, and even less talking. There was an intense silence in the air.

"We've been ruined" was the 2nd captain’s first point of call "how can you have lead us here!"

His accusing finger cut a line through space towards the vicinity of the captain.

Captain Caleb (or James T Kirk??) was not one used to being on the receiving end of a pointed finger, but he took it in his stride.

"There's no use being angry Michael. We cannot change the past; we can only change the future. Remember who you are!" (A bit of a corny line really, but under the circumstances, it was quite a bucket of cold water for the disheartened crew)

Michael dropped onto one of the vacant couches spread around the spaceships bridge, a far cry from what they had imagined the ship to be like.

"Well, it’s easy for you to say that, all high and mighty Sir Captain, but I have parents to return to!" were the last word of a young upstart apprentice crew member before he was locked in the engine room with Mr Squire. Mr Squire was one of the rare Echcleeshtian Bacashters, known for their constant fowl temper and ruthless mastery of anyone below them in rank that happened to be in the same room as them. Let’s just say that that particular young upstart apprentice crew member learned his lesson in those very long 3 hours he spent in the same room as Mr Squire. Need I say more?

"We are undetectable, aren't we?" was another young ones comment just minutes after the departure of his friend.

"Of course! After escaping from the Dedrassi in a fire fight, landing in the middle of nowhere without hyperdrive and navigation knocked out, it must be crucially important that our cloaking device is working! Now, has anyone got anything useful to say?! No? Well then let’s get back to work getting out of this mess! Oi, Charles, you are a thinker aren't you? How good are you at brainstorming solutions?”

He never got to hear Charles's answer because at that moment a missile stuck. It did no physical damage to the ship, just a glancing bright blue glow off the ships shield, although, that missile was meant for another, more important ship, which we may never know more of.

A short back-story about monks (Chapter 2):

As the legends of the Vegar cluster go, there was once a group of monks who found the secret of immortality. But after much thought and consideration, they decided to either hide it or destroy it; those were the two main factions anyway. The only problem was that they couldn't decide and out of the group of 50 monks, 24 wanted one way and 24 wanted the other. So the two undecided monks in the middle of the conflict thought of an ingenious solution, a parallel reality people swap drive!

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