『15』 Even someone like Bakugo

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Even though I sat next to Bakugo, it was relatively quiet for a change. He really had a tough fight against All Might during the exam and he had risked so much that he was now unconscious, resting in the infirmary.

The fight really was intense. Bakugo was all about facing All Might one on one at first, while Izuku wanted to make a run for it. Maybe both of them wouldn't have ended up with this many injuries if they had gotten along right of the bat, but at least they kinda found a compromise later.

Though Izuku helped and saved Bakugo a couple of times during the fight and I already know when the angry blonde wakes up I probably won't hear the end of his complaints.

I glanced at the boy's unconscious form as he lay there, looking so relaxed and at peace. His blond hair casted a soft shadow onto his smooth skin, which seemed to be glowing in the soft light that crawled through the curtains. To be honest, I found he even looked somewhat handsome when his expression wasn't twisted into one of pure anger or irritation. Who would have known that even someone like Bakugo could resemble the appearance of an angel?

The exact moment I finished my thought, Bakugo scrunched his nose and a quiet groan escaped his lips. His crimson eyes fluttered open as he slowly sat up. He looked around as his gaze landed on me. His expression went from I-just-woke-up to I-want-answers.

"Did we pass?! Was the damn nerd useful for a change?! What happened after I was knocked out?!" He hastily asked in his usual loud tone. Right, he passed out before the fight ended. Though I wouldn't have complained about a cliché romantic 'have you been sitting next to me for all this time until I woke up?' when he saw me... Guess that stuff really only ever happens in movies, huh.

"Uhm well, Deku could have just ran through the gate, but he decided to save you from All Might's grasp and then he took you with him to the gate... You passed the exam." I answered, mentally preparing my eardrums for his reaction.

"WHAT!?" He jumped off the bed and onto his feet.

"Quiet down. You're not the only patient." Recovery Girl scolded from across the room as Bakugo didn't even react to her. He just grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the room with him as I struggled to keep my balance.

"Where's my stuff?" He grunted on the way, referring to the missing parts of his hero costume.

"I took it to the support department for repairing earlier." I informed him while still trying to keep up with his pace as he just hummed somewhat aggressively in response. Geez, not even a thank you.

I felt the anger built up inside him by his aura as we stormed through the empty hallways and I just waited for him to finally snap.


"WHY DID THE SHITTY NERD SAVE ME?! GOD, HE'S PISSING ME OFF!! CAN'T HE EVEN DO ONE THING THAT HE'S TOLD?!" Bakugo screamed as he let go of my arm and started kicking the walls.

"Bakugo, calm down." I attempted, but he didn't listen.


"HEY, LISTEN!!" I caught his attention as he finally stopped yelling. "It's okay. You didn't seriously think you could fight All Might on your own, idiot! You wouldn't have passed without Deku, but neither had he without you!!"

"BUT I DIDN'T WANT HIS HELP!! DURING THE FIGHT HE ACTED LIKE HE KNEW ME SO WELL! LIKE HE WAS HELPING ME FOR MY OWN GOOD!! I DON'T NEED HIS HELP!!I CAN DO IT WITHOUT BEING CHOSEN BY ALL MIGHT!!" I heard his voice cracking at the end as I could tell this actually was a big deal to him. He pursed his lips as his brows remained narrowed when he realized how much emotion and to him probably weakness he just showed.

Slowly and carefully, I approached him as he was turning his face away to avoid eye contact. Was he really this ashamed of being open? I stretched out my arms, only to pull the boy into a comforting embrace. He tensed up as my actions surprised him.

"H-hey! Don't just hug me! I don't need your comforting affection!" He complained and even though it were commands, they sounded nothing like he wanted me to actually follow them as he was already way quieter and calmer now. I didn't even know he knew that word. 'Affection...'

"Shove me away then." I replied in a similarly calm tone.

"..................Idiot." He muttered after a brief pause before I felt his arms hesitantly wrap around my small frame. So even someone like Bakugo could be affectionate sometimes.

A few moments passed in a comfortable silence as we just stood there while I comforted him, rubbing circles on his back while he pulled me into his chest tighter. Though I could feel how awkward Bakugo was, since this was probably really new to him.

"Hey, (Y/N)..." he spoke, breaking the silence.


"When you take revenge on Deku for getting the quirk, make him suffer double the amount in my name." he said in a bittersweet tone. My soft expression faded as a small frown crept onto my features, hoping Bakugo wouldn't see it as I only now was reminded of the act I played and the mission I had.

"Y-yeah... sure." I uttered as a certain sadness spread from my heart throughout my entire body. A picture of Dabi flashed through my mind as I remembered him telling me not to get attached to my classmates... Easier said than done... even someone like Bakugo was somehow likable...

I slipped out of the boy's embrace as I gave him a small smile while only the look inside my (E/C) orbs expressed the ruefulness I felt. "Let's go home now. Only a few days left before summer break starts. And then we'll have the camp Mr. Aizawa announced."

He gave me a simple nod of agreement as we started going our usual route home. On the way, I couldn't help but feel so guilty for planning to betray him and all of U.A. But I've come all this way without a single major mistake on my mission. I couldn't let this be my first one! It's for the League!


Hey, guuyyss XD

It's honestly been a while since I've written a chapter so effortlessly. Maybe it's because my friend and I have been talking and helping each other with our stories for the past few days. It's really motivating and fun honestly^^

Tho what isn't fun is this chapter. It hurts sooo much T^T It's melting and breaking my heart at the same time.

But I feel like I finally did justice to Bakugo as a character, because he is written so well and deserves the attention. In my opinion, this single chapter about him is even without a doubt better than my whole book about him (where he was really OOC) lol
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