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The pain is never going to stop, is it? I'm slipping away, my body feels numb and the flashback just kept on coming.

It was a chilly night and I was walking home from school when suddenly I heard a loud cry coming from the bushes just across the street. I felt a shiver climb down my spine and my hands were shaking and i told myself not to go but something inside me was forcing me to follow the sound. So I slowly walked to where the noise was coming from without thinking, and from behind the big pile of bushes, I saw a girl.  A once beautiful girl wearing a white chiffon dress that is now covered with blood. She was gasping for air as I quickly applied pressure on her wound. "I will call an ambulance just keep doing this to yourself, okay?" I almost shouted but I was surprised by her reply.

"N-no it's okay." She whispered and turned to face left tucking herself into a ball, and then my attention went to her face. I instantly backed away from her. It's the first time I saw a face like that in my life and I was completely terrified. She accidentally scratched my arm because she pulled me a little closer which signaled me to be quiet. "S-sorry." she murmured. Blood covered my arm but I didn't mind it since she looked so weak and harmless at the time. I didn't know what she was when I saw the glowing blue tattoo on her face. It was extremely beautiful and the way it glows in the dark, it's just too attractive. What are you? I thought to myself

"Please, just go." She said, closing her eyes. "Just leave me." she said with her voice cracking.

I felt a chill on my neck and turned around. "Who's there?" I asked, but didn't get an answer. As I turn around to face her again, she's gone. No blood in sight. Just a note left on the grass. I took a deep breath, still terrified of the sudden creepiness that happened in one normal Wednesday night. I picked up the note and read it. "You'll find out soon enough"

On my way home, I still don't know what to say to my mom. I don't know what to do. My arm was covered with blood pulsing out of the scratch. It scratched me and what the hell am I supposed to know soon enough? I sighed, and thankfully the blood was just on my left arm and hand which is easy to hide because I was wearing a black jacket.

I was standing on the front yard, still shocked and scared about the situation I was in. Lately, My life is a bitch. I'm failing in school, my "friends" who betrayed me just because they thought I had sex with one of their boyfriends. Well, fuck them. their boyfriends look like retards, I wouldn't even bother talking to one of them. Okay, breathe. I can do this. I opened our front door and acted like nothing happened.

"Oh, good. You're home." She said, pointing to the white table she seems to treasure because that's the last present Dad gave her before he left my mom. He didn't know that he had a child with her, that's what made me hate him most.  It must be so painful to accept that the one you love doesn't love you anymore. I can still see the pain in her eyes whenever I mention my father to her.

"Hey, Mom, I'll just change my clothes." I grinned. Trying to act as normal as I could. I passed through the dark corridor where our rooms are. Mine is the dead end to the right. I felt a sharp pain in my arm and it made me squeal. Intense heat jolted over my body. I closed my eyes while grabbing my own arm, feeling the heat to be more and more intense every second. I opened my eyes and everything was a blur. I can't see anything but the light and I can't hear anything but the sound of the wind coming in through the open window beside my bedroom door. I opened my white door with a sign that says, "Tiffany's Room: DO NOT DISTURB" I hurried to my bathroom and turned on the shower. I removed my dirty and bloody clothes and hurried inside.

The cold water went down my back and the feeling was awesome, it's like my body was so thirsty that it felt like a thousand years since I last felt water. The water from the shower fell on my face, the heat and the pain faded quickly, and I can see again. The crystal clear water from the shower, my white bathtub, sink and the pink floral curtains in my bathroom. And I enjoyed the water but then I saw my arm. The wound is also fading. I can see my skin so soft and radiant again. Turning off the water, I can hear my Mom and brother walking up the stairs. I took my dirty and blood-covered jacket, tank top and skinny jeans and rinsed off the blood from the girl, and my arm. I put on my favorite PJ'S, which is color blue and went to my room. I lay down on my bed with white sheets and blue pillowcases. And topped myself off with my canopy. Someone knocked on my door and said "Aren't you going to eat, Tiff?"

"No mom. I'm not hungry." I replied.

Still, I don't know what to say to her. I don't even know what's happening to me. "Okay honey. Good night, I love you."

"I love you too."

I'm just laying there for two hours thinking about how my life's going to be with everything that's going on. I don't know what to do, I'm clueless. What's with the girl? What's with the note? But a voice inside my head changed that. "Clearly, you don't know what's happening to you. You are about to transform into one of us. We have telepathy which makes it easier to connect to you and know where you are. I will see you tomorrow morning. Good luck"

Talk about weird. So maybe they're going to explain it to my mother. How I wish.

How I wish she wouldn't take it so har-

I screamed. The pain is back and the intense heat was jolting again. The blurry eyes, it's all coming back. And that leads us to now.

The pain is never going to stop, is it? I collapsed and everything was pitch black.

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