Chapter 16

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Frank's POV

"What are we going to do?" Hazel asked as they ran through the halls.

Frank looked down at Nico, who he carried while he and Hazel tried to get to the hospital wing without getting lost. "I have no idea, first day of school and we've already landed ourselves into a lot of trouble."

"More like we caused it, we need to Iris Message Chiron when we get back."

When they finally reached the room, they stood in front of the door for a second. Frank realized that they would have to tell the nurse something. They couldn't just bring in an unconcious Nico di Angelo and refuse to tell her what had happened, or worse, actually tell her what had really happened. Knowing that coming up with the perfect lie would take too long, they stepped inside without a plan.

"Well what have we got here?" a woman, who he assumed to be the nurse, came rushing towards them when they walked in. 

"There was an... accident in Herbology," Hazel stuttered.

The nurse looked at Nico, "And it looks like somebody's gotten hurt. Quickly, bring him to one of the beds."

After Frank put Nico down, he and Hazel stood awkwardly and nerviously while the nurse put her hand on Nico's forhead. "Well, he looks to be completly unconsiouse. Leave him with me for now and if you don't mind, it would be nice if you two could step out."

Frank and Hazel argued, trying to convince her to let them stay, but failed and ended up having to leave. He looked back at Nico, worried, hoping that he would okay, that he would wake up.

They only passed by a few teachers and prefects as they slowly walked back to the common room.

"I'm worried about him. He isn't supposed to to do magic like that anymore, he could completely disapear. After the war and all that shadow traveling he's done, he shouldn't have the power to even do that kind of stuff. It doesn't make any sense," Hazel said, worried.

"And I was able to pick him up. He was solid. Remeber Rayna and Will saying how Nico wasn't completely solid after doing magic like that, there's gotta be a reason. An explanation to how he was capable of doing that in Herbology and in the hall the day before school started when he split open the ground outside and brought out the dead." Even though Frank hadn't seen that one, Jason had told him in detail everything that had happened.

He looked at Hazel and saw the worry in her eyes. He grabbed her hand, "We'll figure it out."

After walking through the fat lady portrait, they saw the other five demigods sitting silently on one of the couches. When they saw Frank and Hazel walk in, they stood up.

"So, how did it go?" Jason asked.

"We brought Nico in but after putting him on one of the beds, the nurse made us leave," Frank sighed.

Annabeth took a coin out of her pocket, "We need to Iris Message Chiron, tell him everything that's happened since we've got here."

The seven went outside near the lake where Percy was able to control the water to spray up like a fountain. With that and the sunlight, they were easily able to create a rainbow.

Annabeth threw the coin into the rainbow saying, "Oh Iris, godess of the Rainbow, please accept my offering." The rainbow started to ripple, sort of like water, and she finished by saying, "Chiron."

Iris Messaging wasn't used at Camp Jupiter so it always somewhat awed Frank when an image of somebody would apear in the air, like some sort of mortal video messaging system.

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