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*******chapter 2*******

**Rays POV**

I was scared to death. Why didn't anyone tell me that the guys were going to be there. I just hope that they don't recognize me or CeCe. Sure I don't look like I did back then.
Like I decided to dye my hair all blond and I mostly wear my stage uniform, but still. (Pic of her on top)
I took out my phone and did some research and saw that there merch guy is BLAKE!! I am screwed.
I was about to call Alex when a unknown number started to call me. "hello" I said "hello? Ray? it's Joey. I -" and with that I quickly hung up.
What is happening. I quickly called Alex.

{R:Ray - A:Alex}

A: hello
R: Alex the guys and Blake is going to warped also and remember I told you about my ex best friend Joey, well he just called me but I hung up on him.
A: oh shit... Well you can't let your fans down so just stay away from them as possible. and if they ask what your name is use your stage name. And for Joey call him up and let him talk but if he acts like an ass hang up again.
R: ok thank you bye talk to you later.
[end of call]

"We are here" our driver said it was 11:00 a.m. already and our set is at noon so I gave CeCe her all access ID.
Once we had our IDs we have time to kill so I took CeCe to the BVB set because their set was before ours. "mom what set are we going to see first?" CeCe asked "now that is a surprise." I told her.
after a while I saw CC my brother, he was warming up. I think CeCe saw him cuz she stopped walking. I stopped with her "are you okay?" I asked "CC is right there" she whispered "I know and this is the surprise." I said.
she hugged me and we started to walk to the stage they were setting up at. "hi" I said as the guys were warming up. "hi" they said CC came up to me and asked the one question I was dreading "what's your name?"
"Raven but people call me Ray" and once I said 'Ray' they got a sad look in their eyes. but a couple seconds later he went over to CeCe "and what's your name" he asked her "my name is Christina but people call me CeCe" she said looking down because she was blushing. But once she said her name I remembered the tattoo I got of her full name on my lower left arm.
I pulled up my black lace fingerless glove sleeve. he got super happy when he heard that her nickname was CeCe. "YAY I GOT A MINI CC" he said loudly she smiled at that.
"Are you her sister?" Andy asked, I shook my head "no she is my daughter." Every one smiled but Ashley kept looking at me every once in a while but I just brushed it off. "you are on in 2" said their tour manager. "See you guys later" the guys said and got ready to go on stage. "Mom can I get more BVB merch?" CeCe asked me. "sure. come on" I said on our way to the BVB merch tent. I was to distracted by CeCe's and i's stupidity that i forgot who the merch guy was "hi what would like to get?" Said BLAKE. She showed him ID so She can get a 50% discount. but I didn't realize that her FULL NAME was on her ID. but good thing I was facing the other way I took out my phone and texted CeCe 'sweetie meet me at the bus. I need to use the restroom' and I sent the text. I didn't have to use the restroom I just needed a reason to leave.

**CeCe's POV**

Me and my mom walked to the BVB merch tent and once we got there I realized something... the merch guy looks very familiar from some where. "hi what would like to get?" He asked
"I would like the BVB shirt with Andy's face on it and that tank that says 'I like the drummer better' on the back and that's it" he nodded and got the things I asked for.
"that will be $25.98" I showed him my ID and once he saw it he got wide eyed "that would be $12.99 then" he said I handed him my money and took my things I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket 'sweetie meet me at the bus. I need to use the restroom' my mom texted me. "thank you again" I told the merch guy. he just waved. I got back to the bus and saw my mom sitting on the couch.
I sat next to her, "you ok mom?" I asked "yea it's just... I need to tell you something. But just don't get mad." She said quietly, I nodded my head to signal her to go on. "Your father... he is on this tour too." and once she said that I got uneasy.
"And you have an uncle... Also on this tour" i asked the one question I needed to know "who are they?" She took in a shaky breath "your father is the BVB merch guy and your uncle is... CC" I was frozen, I couldn't move, Speak, or breath.
"How did they not recognize you?" I asked she took out her phone and went through her pictures "because I looked like that." she said showing me a picture of her with different colored hair "ohh." Was all I could say. "I want them to know who I am" I said after 3 minutes of silence. "Okay" she whispered to me. then she hugged me "anything to make you happy" she whispered "i'll be right back" she said as she got up and went into the bathroom. after 4minutes she came out wearing black shorts with a MIW tank and she changed up her makeup and she put her hair up in a pony tail and then she grabbed her batman drawstring bag and then she put on her batman converse. she grabbed her ID and then she took me back to the BVB set.
they were almost finished but they played one more song and it was my favorite... lost it all. I'm pretty sure I sang along. but once they were done they saw us and smiled "how did you like the show" Andy asked

**rays POV**

"How did you like the show?" Andy asked "it was amazing." I said "CC can I talk to you" I said walking over to my brother. "sure" he said "do I look familiar to you?" I asked him "well you look like my sister Ray. Why do you ask?" He said "because I am your sister" I said showing him my ID " 'Laray Emma Coma'" he said out loud.
the guys turned around because they heard my name. "Ray?" CC said "hey bro" I said quietly he started to tear up and then he hugged me and then that turned into a group hug. every one let go of me and then I took CeCe my daughters hand "brother I would like you to meet your niece" he went up to her and hugged her. "wait does Blake know you are here?" jinxx asked.
"I don't know" I said "do you want Blake to know?" Jake asked "yes" I answered. all of us went to the merch tent and me and CeCe was behind the guys so Blake wouldn't see us.
"hey guys" I heard Blake say. "hey" the guys said "Blake we got a surprise for you" Ash said "guys you know I don't like surprises" Blake playfully whined "well you are going to like this one" I said from behind the guys.
I took CeCe's hand and moved CC and Andy. and by now we were in full view to blake. "Ray?" He Blake said "hi Blake." I said on the bound of tears he came up to me and hugged me as tight as he could and I hugged him back.
"I missed you so much" I whispered. "I missed you too" he whispered back. I pulled away "Blake I would like to introduce you to Christina Elizabeth Coma your daughter." he went over to her and hugged her and kissed her head. "I'm so sorry" I heard him whisper. "it's ok daddy" I heard CeCe whisper.

**CeCe's POV**

"I'm so sorry" I heard my dad whisper "it's ok daddy" I whispered
Wow already on the third part of this story and it's already getting amazing if I do say so myself. Hope you guys are enjoying it. And also I might not be updating until Christmas or sometime around that. because I still need to buy gifts for people. I hope you guys are not mad. lots of love

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