Chapter 9

After Harry and I’s little heart to heart moment, Harry got Louis, - with a BUNCH of pulling and tugging. We caught up with Niall and the boys, and ended up going into Aeropostale, and Hollister.

  Then, I dragged them into Victoria's Secret.  I need a few bras...and I really didn't know what size to get.  After I made sure that the guys weren't near me, I got a sales lady and she measured me...yeah it was embarassing but it did have to be done.  After she showed me where to get the bras, we parted ways.  I grabbed a pink bra, a white one, and about nine more.  I really didn't want to spend so much of the boy's money...and I really felt bad.  I put back about five of them when Niall came over to me.  

  "Did you want to get those?"  He asked me with a smile.

  "Uh..yeah...but I'm not anymore, they're thirty pounds a piece!"  I told him, still putting the bras back.  And let me tell you, this was a bit awkward.

  "Don't worry about the money, all of the guys and I have enough money to last us three lifetimes.  If you see anything else, don't hesitate to pick it up, we've got you covered doll."  Niall told me, picking the bras back up.  I blushed as he started to grab more than I wanted.  

  "HARRY!! Do you think this looks great or what?!"  Louis asked, stepping out of a changing room with a lace thing that covered his man boobs and stomach...Harry's eyes got wide and so did all of the other ladies in the room.

  "Uh sir, I don't believe you should be wearing tha-"  The lady that helped me started to tell Louis, but he snapped his fingers and said "Hush peasent, I may be buying this!"  The lady's eyes widened and she was about to tell him off, but Harry said "Louis, that looks FABU!  You have to get it!"  Everyone began to laugh and the sales lady just huffed to herself.  

  I turned my attention back to Niall, but he was already at the cash register, buying about twenty pairs of the bras...I gasped and ran to him, but he had already swiped his card.

  "NIALL! I don't need that many bras!"  I told him, blushing.  He just ignored me and grabbed the red and pink bag, thanking the cashier.  

  "Do you need any panties?  The boys are fine I'm pretty sure, so if you want any, I suggest you look now."  Niall said smirking.  

  "But, I didn't need that many pairs!  Besides, the prices on everything is just way too high!"  I told him.  

  "Well then I'll just have-  Holy crap...whats Liam buying?"  Niall asked, his attention going to the cash register.  Liam was looking around like he was nervous...and in his hands was a very...sluttyish outfit.  

  "Oh my god.  LI-"  Niall was trying to shout, probably to start a fight.  

  "Shh, he is probably buying it for his girlfriend!"  I told him, grabbing onto his arm, trying to silence him.

  "Oh my god, thats just rich."  Niall said laughing.  I began laughing as well, and thats when Liam saw us.  He blushed a bright red and swiped his card.  The lady gave him the bag containing the goody and he walked over to us.  

  "What's in there?"  Niall asked him with a bright face from laughing.  

  "Just something for a friend."  Liam replied.

  "May this friend be...Dani?"  Niall asked him, laughing harder.

  "Uh..well...just don't tell any of the guys, they'll give me hell!"  Liam pleaded with us.

  "Fine."  Niall laughed.  "Well are you going to get panties?"  Niall asked me.

  'Ugh, fine, just give me twenty minutes."  I said, walking off to the underwear section.  Even though I was halfway across the small store from Niall, I could still hear his loud laugh.  


  After the One Direction and Katy left Victoria's Secret, they went to different stores.  Zayn buying his needed hair spray, Niall getting a few snapbacks, Liam getting things for Dani and himself.  Louis getting another charger for his IPhone because he had lost the first few.  Harry getting a phone case.  

  Katy was really warming up to all of the boys, even without realizing they were hiding a secret from her...quite a big one at that.

  Once they made it to Aeropostale, the boys bought Katy some outfits.  About twelve tshirts, fifteen or so longsleeved shirts, many shorts, a lot of jeans and a few swimsuits, shoes and socks.  With Katy protesting that she wanted to pay the boys back, they just ignored her, and bought everything.  

  After finally making it out of each store in the mall, they walked around.  After looking out a window, Katy's eyes frantically looked around.  She could hear their screams even from inside of the mall.  There were thousands of girls, swarming to the windows to catch a glance at something.  They were chanting something...One Direction, whatever the hell that was.  Katy was afraid, scared.  Niall grabbed onto her hand as did Louis, trying to stop her being so afraid.  She didn't understand what all of the girls were doing here...neither did she want to know.  

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