Flying High Book Rec - Day 18

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The Coldest Summer by Geegervy 

"I feel like I've known you forever, Ms. Jones; near, far, you and I are meant to be," he whispers into her ear.

"But this is wrong, Mr. Darcy. I can't just go on with this, and disregard my best friend," she cries softly. ~~

When Kira Jones finally decides to take a six-week summer vacation, her best and only friend, Samantha, drags her into a trip out of California. What awaits in the way is something Kira has never fathomed, at all, as her life gets a serious turn. She meets a mysterious ranch owner whom her friend already has eyes for, and Kira finds herself drawn near him in a very strange way. What will win in the end between the power of love and friendship? Read the story, and find out yourself.

WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual scenes!

WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual scenes!

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