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Ella was very happy and excited as her summer vacation was started her family was planning to visit Ella's grandparents village Lavenham during her vacations so a week before Ella along with her mom started all the packing as Ella very fond of reading story books so she packed all the story books in other bag in evening Ella along with her parents had gone to the market to buy gifts for her grandparents and cousins after all the shopping Ella ate in her favourite restaurants 'THE LEDBURY' after having a good dinner they went back to their home. On next early morning they leave for their hometown on reaching their grandparents was overjoyed to saw Ella and her parents all that day Ella grandma tried out new cuisines of Ella's choice as gramdma was very good at cooking some traditional dishes Bacon naan roll after having a traditional tasty cuisine with whole they played some interesting indoor games and whole family planned out for a family picnic near lakes so everyone decided to go for picnic the Very next morning so everyone got some or other duty for picnic like arranging the games, food , driving , photography and whatnot so everyone got busy in their own work so Ella was really bored up as all her cousin was younger to her so she thought to call that invisible man by ringing up so she rang that bell then with the same voice the man was their the man was shock to saw Ella's grandparents home then he asked to Ella " who's house is this? And why are you here? " So Many question was rushing in his mind then Ella replied "it's my grandparents home and I am here for spending my summer break " then the man replied " Ok" after seeing Ella's father he gets very emotional and he was almost in tears after seeing Ella's family after hearing invisible man's sobbing sound Ella asked " What happened why r u sobbing please tell me after all we are good friends " then after thinking alot the man replied ". Sorry Ella I have to tell u the truth I don't how u will react after listening to this truth but after all one day truth Have to be revealed so please just try to listen then Ella was speechless as what to say and what was happening then Ella replied " Ok I am ready to listen up the truth" then invisible man started his untold story " I am your uncle and my name is Robert and your father Sam is my real elder brother and this is my home and I am 3 brothers I am the middle one your father is the elder one and then I am and after me was that stupid Jacob was the youngest to Me and your father 13 years before I got the lottery of 5 land , 6 multies and a lot of big amount so Jacob got angry and he drank a bottle of poison but sadly we can't save his life when he was taking his last breath he cursed me up that after your death you will become invisible and never get freedom after your death and after 2 months I died in a car accident and from that I was like this only and in my car was a bell hanging so that's why peeps rang out this bell and I came out so this is the end of my story of life" Ella was in a great shock then Ella" asked now how will I get freedom " then Robert said Ella go In the backyard their u will see one lamp and bring it here" so Ella had done like that only she brought it then Robert said " Rub it dear before rubbing this promise me that u will never tell this to anyone it will be a secret and after rubbing and put the lamp in the lake " Ella had done the same . Then the next morning the
Whole family sat to go for picnic secretly she put the lamp in that river and she prayed for his uncle Robert' s soul that he will remain in peace . From that everything got normal and from that day onward she promised to herself that she will believe in real world ....... So this is the end of this story .I hope guys u will like it NEVER BELIEVE IN FANTASY WORLD BECAUSE IT IS ALL OUR IMAGINATION so more stories to come up GOOD BYE......

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