Chapter 19

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The trip to Mexico was long, I spent majority of the trip lost in thought. Thankful that Carter owned a private jet, I was able to shower and sleep comfortably.

Although I felt a whole lot of weight lifted off my shoulders after seeing Zaden. A part of me knew that I was always going to carry the burden no matter what, that was something I had to come to terms with.

"Grayson is trying to call, Miss Vice." Messiah handed me my phone.

"Hey Gray." I answered, smiling at Messiah as a silent thank you.

"Hey sis, I miss you, how are you?" He said giddy through the receiver.

We talked and laughed the rest of the flight, giving me updates on his friends and about a girl he's met recently named Eden. My heart warmed at him being genuinely happy, he had a couple of best friends that he stayed with majority of the time and their families treated Grayson as if he were their own. He asked about Kota wanting updates on him, that old man had a piece of my heart as well. Kota and his girlfriend we're currently in the pacific islands, drinking mocktails and singing karaoke at bars. I still received photos of the two touring around places.

We landed in Mexico safely, the guys checked the vehicles from top to bottom as I waited in the jet. "Never too careful." Messiah offered his arm to help me down the stairs of the jet.

"Thank you, for always looking out for me." I said to the four of them as they formed a circle around me.

"Pleasures ours, Miss Vice." They said in unison, we moved as a unit.

"Why is he here?" I asked staring at Messiah in the rear view mirror.

Serial came up beside us, matching our speed. He nodded at Messiah through the window in acknowledgement.

"He's replacing Zion as our fifth."

"Tell him not to enter the property with us, stay behind." I took in the car he was driving, the smokey night blue made the Buggati Chiron look that much more attractive.

Felik started talking in their native tongue through the phone and Serial dropped behind in an instant.

Portuguese is a beautiful language. I thought.

"What's your plan Miss Vice?" Messiah asked, I could tell he and the others were on edge and they hid it perfectly but I've been with these guys for almost two years so I picked up on a lot.

"Trust me." Is all I gave them.

We arrived at Vice's soon after, his property being heavily guarded. He ran Mexico, the government was scared of him, the people of Mexico were scared of Vice and the amount of power he held over in America.

His men swarmed the SUV's, guns held to every window. A man I recognised motioned for Messiah to roll down his window.

"Why are you here!" He demanded.

"Miss Vice is here to see her grandfather." Messiah used the same tone, standing his ground firmly.

He took a look at me and nodded, motioning for us to get out. "Your vehicles stay out here, we will escort you to the property."

My security team got out of the vehicles with their hands up, and we're patted down. Vices guards seemed a little off as they patted down Soreign Guards, I watched from the SUV smirking slightly. The guys loved that they were hesitant towards the four of them.

He who hesitates is last. My fathers voice echoed.

After being stripped of their weapons, they made their way around to my door, creating a wall for me to step into like they always did. Gun still being pointed at them as they moved with me.

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