Chapter 34

I read that word over and over again. 

This wasn't meant for me to get. It can't be. It must have been for someone that was here earlier, because sure enough it wasn't for me.

It was spelled out in what must have been 100 candles. Each candle lit and giving off a small orange flame.


"We may have had a rough past few months but I promised I'd take you to your senior prom. And I never break a promise." his voice spoke behind me. I slowly turned around to face Louis. He was dressed in his tuxedo, his hair up and out of his face. It was new, he almost didn't look like my Louis. He held a single red rose in his hand and his blue eyes had a certain shine to them. 

"You don't have to. I kind of get that you all hate me. Even I hate me." I whispered not looking into his eyes. 

"I was hoping for that moment when you'd run into my arms and say how much you missed me." he sighed. 

"I don't want you to feel uncomfortable. I mean, I kind of ignored ya'll for the past 4 months." 

"Why did you? I love you, Arielle. We all do. I just don't get why all of a sudden you stopped caring." 

"I never stopped caring, Lou! Not once. I wish I could tell you, but if I do or don't, you won't want to be with me anymore. What does it matter?" I croaked, my eyes filling with tears. 

"Just tell me then! Why did you stop all connection? Why did you disconnect your phone and block us on Twitter? Did we do something to hurt you? I don't it." he said, his voice sounding close to crying. 

"Niall kissed me, and I didn't stop him. Then Eleanor got a picture of it and sent it to me saying that she'd send it to you. She said if I never talked to you ever again, she wouldn't send it. But now that I look back, even if she did send it you would have hated me anyway. But there's icing on the cake, she sent Danielle a text from my number saying how disgusting she is. I would never say that to Dani! She's my best friend! Sometimes I wish I could just go back in time and stop myself from meeting with Eleanor. None of this drama would have happened." I said, whispering the last part. 

"I don't care what happened, but I would NEVER wish that we didn't meet. You're one of the best things that happened in my life and I wouldn't take it back for anything." his voice cracked and he took a step closer. 

"I hope you know that I never stopped loving you." I sniffled. 

"If anything, I love you more." Louis finished. 

"So, you don't hate me for kissing Niall?" I asked. 

"Well I'm not to thrilled about it, but right now I don't care. I just want you back." 

"Take a step back." I ordered. He looked hurt, but he stepped back. 

"LOUIS!" I screamed and jumped into his arms. "I missed you so much. I went into those woods almost every day." 

"Arielle, you didn't." he sighed and placed me down. 

"No one would have cared, Lou. Or even noticed." I shrugged. He looked deep into my eyes.

"Don't you ever say no one would have cared. I would have cared! We all would have cared, Arielle!" he exclaimed. "I would never get over you. You're who I want to live the rest of my life with. If you died, I could never forgive myself." 

"I love you so much." I smiled through my tears. 

"I love you so much more." he smiled back and crashed his lips into mine. 4 months. It's been 4 months since I kissed this boy. 4 months since I felt loved. 4 months since I smiled and meant it. 

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