-Preparing to Rock the Night Away - Final Edit

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Chapter 1

My favorite playlist enthralled me as it blared from Chloe's new sound system. The soulful voice crooned a ballad about first loves. Goosebumps popped up along my arms as a voice I knew too well sang about everything untainted souls created when they mixed. Anticipation and joy, heart palpitations and angst—all pure, disillusioned feelings that a person could only experience once in a lifetime. 

A preternatural force inhabited my body, as it did every single time this song played on the radio, and I sang along while preparing for a wicked night out with my best friend. 

One last application of a clear overcoat made my satin violet lip stain shimmer beneath the glare of halogen lights in Chloe's dilapidated bathroom. The mirror I primped in front of had black specks scattered through it and reflected the peeling pale yellow wallpaper surrounding me. Deep auburn hair spiraled in messy curls and hung half-way down my back. I bent over at the waist and sprayed the final touch of hairspray and scrunched the crazy coils one last time. My blue eyes glimmered like sapphires against the dark smokiness of my eye shadow.

I looked good!

Some days I had insecurities but not tonight. The low cut black dress paired with my push up bra enhanced my bust line, not to mention my hips. They swelled just enough to make my waist appear tiny in the curve-hugging dress. If I bent over, everyone would get a view of my newest lacy black thong. So I was dressed to kill, I had my reasons.

"Bout damn time you give me a little space, Keegan." Chloe bumped me with her hip and took control of the mirror. Chloe leaned over the bathroom sink, applied one last coat of mascara, batted her large doe eyes, and adjusted her new double Ds in her crimson halter dress.  Her long blonde hair, a sheet of satin, and her green eyes sparkled with mischief. The girl could turn a gay man straight, or a straight girl lesbian. "I mean you already have your man hooked, I'm the one needing a miracle."

I laughed. "Didn't you and Price just break-up a couple weeks ago? I haven't had a 'man' since Braden the two-, no, make that three-timing jackass." She and Price spent more time broken up than they did together, but one of them always came crawling back to the other.

"Eh, who needs Price when Cole Cavallari is in town?" She patted her cleavage with a bit of shimmering powder. "And you know damn well who I'm referring to as 'your man.'"

I sighed and ignored her comment. Her fascination with Cole worried me. "Chloe, you know Cole. He's charismatic, yes, but he's a man-whore. The worst of the group. He doesn't do relationships, ever. He's a performer, on and off the stage. He'll sweep you off your feet before you've had a chance to take a breath. He's sweet and easygoing and fun. He's high on life and the life of every party I've ever been to, so please be careful."

"Yes, Keegan, I know Cole and you know I only want a little fun," she insisted. "I can just imagine what he'd be like in bed. He's a predator on stage, a take charge and let me have my way with you guy. All I can think about is him stalking me across my room and pouncing on me, tossing me on the bed and ripping my barely there lingerie into shreds before..."

My phone chimed before she managed to verbalize her little fantasy, thank heavens. "Come on. The limo will be here in fifteen minutes."

I grabbed my strappy black stilettos and fell into my favorite chair, oversized and filled with fluffy throw pillows surrounding and cuddling my body as if made for me. "Grab the Patron. Let's have a shot before the limousine arrives." I glanced at my watch, figuring we had about ten minutes before Jeff, Sinful Universe's swoon-worthy chauffeur, would be knocking on the door, and pulled on my fuck-me heels.

Chloe poured two shots of the clear liquor into shot glasses with salted rims and handed me one, then she tossed a lime wedge at me before sitting on the ottoman matching my chair. "To best friends, to old friends, and to rock and roll." I licked the salt off the rim, threw back the liquor and bit into the lime, letting the alcohol spread through me, warming me, my muscles relaxed and the stresses of my work day eased. "Thank goodness for vacation."

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