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"Isn't life just wonderful ?" he asked, and she couldn't agree more.

Preston and Isabela were lying on the messy hotel bed, leaning on their elbows and facing the bay window, dressed with nothing but the late afternoon sun rays. In front of them, the stone balcony overlooked the Mediterranean Sea and the air carried the smell of salt and warm sand.

And smack in the centre stage of it all, a wide buckwheat chaise longue stood, with Alexia and Allana lazily sprawled over it, sunbathing in their birthday suits.

"I'm really glad we're here," Preston insisted, and as if on cue, Alexia rolled over onto her stomach and propping herself on her elbows, towering over Allana, laid a gentle kiss on the girl's lips. And Allana answered her kiss alright, plunging her hands in Alexia's venetian blond hair, before curling them around her neck, pulling her even closer. Isabela and Preston watched as the two girls kissed more feverishly, heat no doubt pooling in their blood. Never breaking their lip lock, Alexia finger's found Allana's bare nipple and she gently pinched it until soft moans escaped from the mouth underneath hers. Shifting her body to the left, Alexia gave Allana's other breast the same treatment before leaning forward and grabbing it between her lips. She gently trailed her teeth along the tip then with one hand, she squeezed the soft flesh of Allana's breast together so she could take as much as possible of it into her mouth.

Allana's moans were louder and louder, her breathing more and more shallow and Isabela and Preston knew the time for teasing had passed when Alexia looked up at them, her lips still working their magic on Allana's nipples, her hand slowly sliding down the submissive girl's stomach, making her way towards her warmest point. Swiftly, she spread Allana's legs apart, her gaze still stuck on the couple, allowing them full view of the girl's pussy. And a moist heat glowed between her legs alright. Isabela heard Preston's breath get caught in his throat.

Before the urge to feast her mouth on it took her, Alexia brought one finger to the rim of Allana's pussy, shifting her weight to sling her leg on her girlfriend's, effectively pinning her down. She gently teased Allana's opening, spreading her lips, circling her clit, her juices now dripping on the fabric of the chaise longue. Allana's moans were getting louder, so much so that Isabela could make out her pleading with Alexia to fuck her. In response, Alexia let her teasing finger slip inside, instantly leaning forward and clasping her lips over Allana's, trapping the girl's moans in her mouth. She inserted another one and Isabela and Preston watched as Alexia's fingers slipped in and out of Allana's pussy, glistening with the girl's juices, her thumb rubbing against Allana's swollen clit.

Allana was a god forsaken wet mess and Alexia couldn't help herself any longer. She moved to crouch between Allana's legs and flexed her elbows just low enough for her left breast to brush the lips of Allana's pussy. Alexia shifted her weight unto her left knee and arm and with her free hand guided her breast, its nipple protruding stiffly, to Allana's throbbing clit. She moaned at the touch of flesh on flesh and Alexia repeated the action. She skated her nipple up and down Allana's pussy and kept on nudging her clit with it.

"Oh God," Isabela thought she heard Allana grunt and the sight of Alexia nipple fucking her made her own clit stand firmly to attention. Next to her, she could have sworn Preston hadn't drawn in a breath for the past five minutes.

Just as swiftly, Alexia brought her mouth down to Allana's gleaming lips and ran her tongue along the length of them. Isabela knew Allana tasted salty and moist and intoxicating. Alexia let her tongue follow the path her nipple had traced earlier and every time her tongue stroked Allana's clit, low whimpers of ecstasy drifted from the girl's lips and all the way into the bedroom. Soon enough, her fingers found their initial place once again and started delving inside Allana's pussy to the same rhythm as Alexia's tongue was flicking her clit back and forth.

"Oh my, Alexia," Allana exclaimed, "I'm - " Before she had a chance to complete her sentence, her back arched, her muscle tensed and she came undone, and Isabela thought to herself that she'd rarely seen so much beauty.

"I'm really glad we're here too."

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