Just Keep Running!

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"Seriously Toga?!" Deku screamed while running beside Toga and Dabi, they were currently being chased by 3 pro hero's, All Might, Eraserhead, and Midnight. The villain swiftly jumped on top of a building.

"I'm sorry Izu~kun!" pouted Toga, "I can't stand to see my baby getting laughed at!" "Well next time know your surroundings!" Dabi said frustratedly, "STOP VILLAINS!" Deku couldn't hold a smile, and he turned around to face All Might still running, but backwards "Stop it bitchmight your hurting our feelings!~" Deku said sarcasticly while turning back around.

The villain jumped down the roof into an alleyways, when they ran down it, they all saw a dead end. "Crap Izu~kun! There's a dead end!" "I know.. I'm trying to think of a way out-" they suddenly saw Dabi fall to the ground asleep with red blow-darts poking out of his back, they both felt a sudden pain then realized they had blow-darts on them too, "Izu~kun..-" Toga tried to say but suddenly dropped the ground.

 He turned around to face All Might and the others behind them about 3 feet away, 'Why are they using blow-darts?!' Deku suddenly thought, "S-Stay back! I-I won't l-let you hurt t-them!" Deku managed stuttered out of panic and exhaustion of the blow darts, he felt Eraserhead's scarf wrap around him, Deku struggled to get out to care for his friends, "STOP DON'T HURT THEM!!" Deku screamed, when he saw All Might pick up Toga and Dabi.

 He saw black spots in his vision but he wouldn't allow himself to fall asleep, until Midnight used her quirk on him sending him to sleep. Eraserhead immediately thought about one thing, "These 'villains' are just heartbroken innocent children..."

(This story is trash so far) (Editing in progress: agreed)

Toga suddenly sprang up, but her plans were cancelled when she found out her feet and hands we strapped down to a chair, she looked around to see Izuku, and Dabi strapped down like she was, "DABI! IZ- I MEAN DEKU!" she wasn't allowed to say each others real name to avoid getting real information out. 

Dabi looked up suddenly panicked by the sudden situation they were in, "Where are we?!" Dabi finally said taking all of this in, "A room dumbass" Izuku said with his eyes closed. "No shit Sherlock!" Dabi said while rolling his eyes. 

When they heard someone unlock the door they instantly looked up or opened their eyes and looked up *atem izuku atem*,  Naomasa Tsukauchi was seen in the doorway, when he got into the room, he instantly closed the door at sat across the table facing the villains, "I will call out some facts about you that we have learned," he said in an motone voice, "you job is to tell us what we need to know" 

"Name: Himiko Toga


Villain name: Toga

Villain name: Toga

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