** Please dont mind the poor writting and mistakes in this since I've written this a looong time ago! my newer works are way better, and I would rewrite this, but I'm not into it and I prefer writting my own stories now, no fan fiction

Twilight Fan Fiction! read the books before reading this :P The characters do NOT belong to me.

and, THANK YOU for reading this! its the first story I have written so im pretty proud to where it went :)

Alice’s world: chapter 1

“Come on!” I whisper. We all walk in the house while making sure we’re not doing any noise. We all walk around the living room and I hold back a giggle. We count to 3 with our fingers and then we jump on our mates backs. I jump towards Jasper but he quickly turns around so I land in his arms. We can never surprise them, stupid vampire senses. I hold back a laugh. “Welcome back.” He says to me and then kisses me on my lips. I eagerly kiss back but then Jazz pulls back and chuckles. “Later.” He whispers in my ear. I pout and he chuckles.

I giggle and sit down on Jaspers lap. I look around and see everyone sitting down next to their love ones. The guys look at us expectantly. “So? How was it?”

“Did you girls have fun?”

“I hope you didn’t waste TOO much money.”

“When will I be able to see you in that sexy bikini you were talking to me about Rose?” Emmet said with a smirk and a wink.

“Emmet! Behave!” Esme hissed. We all hold in a laugh except for Emmet, who laughs out loud..

I jump off Jasper, run to the car and take out a couple of bags. I see Bella, Renesmee, Rosalie and Esme come too and grab their bags. We quickly run inside again.

Let me explain. All of the girls went to London for a little vacation and a big shopping trip. We had so much fun! Most of the nights we went to see fashion shows and all day we simply went shopping! It was relaxing without the boys there, but we still missed them like crazy! I look over at Jasper and smile, I love him so much! As I look into his eyes, that’s what I mouth to him: ‘I love you’.

“Girls you know what this means… fashion show!” Rose yells. The boys whistle and us girls all go in our rooms to dress up.

Rosalie had a long beautiful bright red dress, one shoulder, with 5 inches black high heels. Her hair was down with her normal curls but with more volume. She wore a gorgeous diamond necklace with it all. She looked absolutely stunning! (Well like always I guess)

Bella went with less glamorous, but still really beautiful! Her dress was blue, strapless, a little shorter than Rosalie’s but still under the knee. It had ruffles but not too much, just perfect! Her heels were silver, with diamonds on the side going up to her ankle on the other side. Her hair was up and braided, and she wore some white gold earrings with, of course, diamonds.

Renesmee had on a short yellow dress, with small straps, the yellow darker on the sides than on the front. She had gold colored pumps that were amazing! Her gold earrings were absolutely gorgeous too! Her hair was straight and beautiful as well. (It was very different, she always has them curly!)

Esme had a long green dress, with both straps low on her shoulders, with little ruffles. Her hair was long and curly and she wore a pearl necklace. Her heels were white and pretty simple. I was so happy to see Esme all dressed up like this! She was very beautiful!!

I had a short strapless layered dress. It was silver and I loooved it!!! It suited me so well I fell in love the second I had it on! My heels were almost as high as Rosalie's. They were silver and covered in diamonds! I had a big silver necklace too. My hair was pretty normal but more refined.