Sanemi Shinazugawa; ☁️

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Sanemi x fem! Kakushi! Reader fluff (slight crack and lemon)

Requested by: @EULSIERS



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You fiddled with the recently developed red string that wrapped around your pinkie. It had just appeared last night, and you just can't get used to the feeling.

So it was real. You've heard some people telling stories about soulmates and red strings. Apparently, you're destined to be with someone in this world, now. It's crazy if you think about it. Maybe lucky.

It felt unusual, constantly having one of your fingers being tied in a knot, and having the ability to sense your soulmate's current emotions.

You wondered, what is that person up to right now? When will i meet them?

You held your finger closer to you, observing the tingles it sends off to you. This feeling.. is it frustration? Or sadness? You couldn't tell.

You sighed and stood up.

At the small village, you were sent with a pack of kakushis there to escort the injured and take care of whatever was left behind a mission of the mizunotos who you heard ended up calling for back up, since the demon was an extremely strong one. So they sent a pillar over here, but he quickly left as soon as it was over. One of the kakushi told you that it was the wind pillar.

You sighed, he left a huge mess here. Was the demon a lower moon?

"Alright, let's wrap up!" You clapped your hands together. The other kakushis cleaned up the area and carried the injured victim for the finishing touches.

You are the head kakushi/clean up crew. And as a kakushi, your obedience and respectful attitude towards the pillars and master is of utmost importance. Thus, you were given the responsibility to help lead the other kakushis in the demon slayer corps.

"(Y/n)-san, Should we take the damaged leftovers with us?" A female kakushi said, and you looked down at the crate she's holding. It seemed heavy and there were many scraps and old, broken weaponary and more things they found on the ground in it.

"No, I think we can just leave it for the villagers. Maybe they can put it to good use." You replied and she nodded before handing it over the the village chief.

After heading back, you were to immediately report your progress to the master, Oyakata-sama. To inform him of the updates and confirmation of the things that had been taken care of.

But, when you arrived, you found someone else there with Ubuyashiki. It seemed to be the wind pillar, Sanemi Shinazugawa- if you remembered correctly. He sat in front of ubuyashiki with a bright green blade laying on the ground in front of him. He looked angry.

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