"These Mozzarella sticks are good."

Harry kept his intent, wide eyes on mine- his smirk fading into a straight line as he pouted his plump lips. I ate the last of my meal at four in the morning; feeling my eyes getting particularly heavy.

His back was leaning lazily into his chair, his long legs stretching under the table as he raised his eyebrows as I took my last couple of bites. His head rolled back along with my rotating jaw, finally swallowing my last fry.

"You raise your eyebrows after every bite I take, and you nod your head when I chew. I don't know why you do that." I frowned hesitantly before smiling slightly, not sure whether I felt mocked or patronised.

He responded with a gentle laugh, the corners of his mouth turning. "I don't know what I'm doing when I look at you. It's four in the morning."

"Can I ask you a question?"


I smiled at him reassuringly but I was met with suspicion as he awaited my quizzical words. "Where do you get money from? I mean, you bought a motorcycle the other day."

He blew a raspberry awkwardly before glancing to the left. "I have a lot of money... from my father's pension. It's stored in a bank account."

He didn't seem very sure of his answer, almost hesitant.

But I believed him.

"Sorry," I muttered. "I shouldn't have asked."

"It's okay," He whispered, as if to himself. "Are we ready to go, then?"

I eyed my surroundings, hesitantly nodding as I cautiously stood to my feet. "I'm ready."

I placed my tray aside and Harry grabbed my arm to guide me out sooner. I just wanted to clean up after myself, but apparently Harry wanted to leave now.

We got outside and rushed to his bike, his wide eyes on mine as he stared longingly for a metaphorical response. He smirked as he looked at me in the freezing cold. My Bambi legs slipping on the icy concrete as I struggled to stand straight.

I finally took notice. "Is there something on my face?"

He but his bottom lip and snapped back into the bitter reality as he gradually shook his head- his eyes full of concentration. "I just had a sudden realisation."

"Oh," I innocently whispered, not knowing how to correctly respond. "What did you realise?"

He flared his nostrils as he glanced above, his smirk forming as he hesitated on his words. But then he looked straight at me- full of confidence. "I was your first kiss."

"No," I defended and shakily took a step back. "You weren't, it was Clyde."

"That wasn't a real kiss though, was it?" He shrugged and grinned wickedly to himself. "I gave you your first kiss with tongue. And you really liked it."

"That is a bit of an exaggeration." I panicked, not wanting to reveal the deadly truth. I loved it, but that would only let him win.

"You definitely liked it. And I know what you're like- you're gonna want to forget that it ever happened and then a week later we're doing the exact same thing but with less clothes." He chuckled to himself as he bit his plump lips and pouted them at me. I loved his lips.

I finally paid attention as I dramatically gasped. "That's derogatory and insulting. Just because you spend a lot of time in the... bedroom, it doesn't mean I'll let you do that with me. I mean, can't you get someone else to do that with?" I pleadingly asked, but somehow I wanted him to remain with no one else.

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