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When the Academy announces Mystery Death 03, Oreola is at home in her apartment. She has a single in the Biedwin. It's about 300 square feet. Sink, toilet, a convertible bed. Only one window but still gets good lighting, from screens you can pull down from the ceiling that let you bounce the light or give the backdrop a vibe, depending on the picture you're taking/outfit you're wearing. No complaints for now. It's a little close to the Thornes but that's her monday motivation. She'll live in one of those apartments above the Effagrace someday. After graduation.

Oreola did not go to school today; she spent the day on her couch, where she has been:

-Posting a few lazy/no makeup vibes to the TL;

-Doing an extremely minimal amount of reading for Victimology;

-Watching Babysh*tter to get caught up on what's happening with YenniferGrace and SummerHyde, the hot baby couple. It's wild how hard they vibe and Oreola will lose her shit if they don't become official;

-Voting in a poll about whether the new Collagen AI by Unfilter(-_-) should be a serum or a gel (serum obviously!!!!);

-Slowly, here and there, going back over the details of Mystery Death 02.

She finds herself not wanting to think about it very much, not wanting to look at the pictures, having to relieve the trauma of that boy literally dying in her arms, both of them covered in his blood. It wasn't one of her favorite experiences, despite it paying off socially. 8k new followers.

The exact details Mystery Death 02 are:

-UBI: BrabMeetsWorld

-4th year


-Member of a team called Caress of Fate

-Was killed in his Area Canvassing class, which had ended a few minutes early but he had stayed behind for whatever reason.

There was, again, no clear footage of what caused the death, no one seen entering of leaving the room, but enhanced footage from a reflection a zonny captured definitely shows something, low and long, close to the ground, in the room, physically attacking BrabMeetsWorld. Unknown where it went or how it got out of the room, but Area Canvassing is an older part of the building that the school purposefully keeps slightly falling apart. Blood Splatter Parabola has a model showing that a """thing""" that size could have easily escaped up through the partially collapsed ceiling in the closet. Another team says given data related to the rapidity of its movement, in conjunction with the trauma contained within the classroom, demonstrates it's entirely possible the """thing""" just ran out of main door and down the hall without anyone standing nearby even noticing. (See: Selective Attention Test.)

Two people outside swore the boy was not in there alone. They heard something, they said. Something growling, low and horrid.

"Monster," BrabMeetsWorld, the dead boy, had said. But WTF.

It's all a very traumatic situation for Oreola to have to revisit, made way worst by the fact of everyone at school being mad at her. This was part slash most of why she hadn't gone to school. Lay low and see if people can honestly calm their tits. People were saying she contaminated the scene by being there. That her getting personally involved in one of the Mystery Deaths rendered the entire season null for other teams. That she now had an unfair advantage due to being present on the scene for far longer than her allotted time, PLUS her team still got to have their official minute at the crime scene once the scene had been established, so that was way outside the bounds of fairness in terms of equal representation on crime scenes.

Just ~~~~drama.

The message announcing Mystery Death 03 is quickly followed by a message from Dorkidoria.

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