Chapter 12-Boxers Or Briefs?

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Chapter 12

Boxers Or Briefs?

Sullivan’s POV

I quickly read through the manuscript while jotting down notes and correcting the misspelling or use of the wrong words. My glasses slip down my nose so I push them up quickly before licking my lips. I hate wearing them but my head has been pounding since I woke up this morning. If I read without them it’s only going to get worse. A timid knock makes me look up before returning to my work.

“Come in!” I shout and hear the door open before Marisa’s heels click against the floor.

“You have a visitor sir.” She says making me look up. My eyes widen in shock as Sonnet stands there with a blank face.

“Thank you Marisa, you can go. Close the door on your way out please.” I say casually while fighting the lump in my throat.

“Yes sir.” She nods and quickly leaves the room.

As soon as the door clicks closed I'm out of my seat and running across the office. A smile break over her face as Sonnet giggles when we crash into each other. I wrap my arms around her tightly and her sweet familiar honey smell drifts up my nose. Tears build in my eyes and I can’t stop them from rolling down my cheeks. I can feel her tears soaking into my neck as she tightens her grip.

“I've missed you!” She says tearfully making me nod.

“I've missed you too Bonnet!” I say and hiss when she pinches my butt cheek.

“Don’t call me that!” She whines and I laugh while pulling back.

“I still have the pictures of you in your bonnet.” I chuckle and wipe my face.

I look at my little sister who doesn't look so little anymore. She's my height with the same brown hair and brown eyes. I've missed her, my little partner in crime. We walk over to the seats and she tells me all about her college work and her ready to just graduate already. She's only 19 so she just started and now she wants to stop. I’ll kick her ass if she drops out though.

“So I'm taking a break.” She finishes after ranting about how her professor is an asshole.

“This is what you’re going to do. Are you listening closely?” I ask and she nods quickly. “You are going to stay here, with me for 2 days.  You’ll spend time with mom and dad, me too of course. Then I'm putting your ass back on a plane and you will go back to school. You cannot just ‘take a break’ because the professor wants you to write an essay! Sonnet when you get a job your boss is going to ask you to do work, no he/she won’t ask, they will demand. You can’t tell them no because you don’t want to. They will fire your ass within seconds. So suck it up and do the damn work.” I say sternly and she sighs.

“Is this a bad time to say I brought my boyfriend with me?” She asks and my jaw clenches.

“You don’t have a fucking boyfriend.” I spit out and she smiles timidly.

“Yeah I do! His name is Michael. He's really sweet and is waiting outside. Please Sullivan! Just give him a chance, you’ll love him!” She says with a pout making me rub my temples.

“I sincerely doubt that. You’re making my headache worse. Bring him in, if I don’t approve then he's gone.” I warn and she nods quickly before leaving the office.

I toss my glass off and rub my face with a tired sigh. The door opens again and my sister steps in with a young man behind her. I look him up and down with a glare. Bastard wants into her panties I know it. He’s dressed in slacks and a snug grey button down. I look up into his nervous green eyes and tilt my head. He gulps audibly while sticking his hand out.

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