Chapter Six: I'm Too Weak As I Am

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Chapter Six: I'm Too Weak As I Am

It was early in the morning when Julian woke up to the sound of people yelling and getting up. Groggy, he got up out of his room - the same one he'd used two years ago - and walked down the three flights of stairs, scratching his head. Deva was already up, sitting in the center couch of the Grand Foyer. She held a defensive stance, even sitting down, arms crossed under her chest defiantly, legs crossed. Her katana lay beside her, a silent threat to everyone to not sit beside her.

No one seemed to want to regardless, seeing as a whole group had surrounded her. Yesterday, no one had bothered the two of them about what had happened and why Deva had "killed" all those people and Michael, but today, they seemed to have a field day as they all had their turn asking - more like accusing her - of the murders. They all were pretty much yelling, but Deva stayed silent, eyes on the ground, her face calm. Julian saw that one thing the others didn't though; he saw the colors in her eyes swirl.

"Come on!

Are you seriously going to go on all silent after yesterday? We may not be able to do anything to you now, but when that host comes, it's the police! You killed, what, seven people?!"

"What if she killed the seven from before?!"


"She's the only one with a weapon! And she also was the one who came up with the excuse that that man... Herbert? She's the one who said he was mentally ill! And then she killed him and his partner!"

"And he saw the bloody scene, didn't he? She was probably getting rid of a witness!"


And then it happened. A man from within the group broke past the circle around Deva so that he stood before her, and reached out to grab her arm. Deva's immediate response was a slap away, and then she was flipping backwards, landing easily on top of the couch. The crowd gasped, and the man lunged forward, reaching for Deva.

Julian ran forward at the same time, but couldn't d much but watch as Deva, using the man's head as a stepping stone, did something he'd only see be done in cartoon's and comic's. She leapt over the whole crowd, going straight for Julian. At some point in time, her katana had somehow found its way to her hands.

Deva landed gracefully, still going straight for Julian. Without warning, she grabbed his arm and dragged him away, forcing him to follow her down the hall and towards the second entrance to the basement. With the dead bodies still there, she knew no one would follow and she also knew Julian could stomach this sort of stuff after what they'd done the day before, and so she locked them in there, releasing a sigh of relief when they finally rested.

"Well, wasn't that just fun," Deva commented, looking about themselves. The basement was huge, that much was apparent, shaped very much like the outside of the house would look like, with a large back where the kitchen and two foyers would be and an average sized portion that looked like where the hallway - combined with the rooms - would be, and lastly, the Grand Foyer's large size at the end. That's where the bodies should be, Deva realized, getting up.

Julian followed by, still panting. "So what... was the point of dragging me down here with you?" He looked around warily. The basement was different compared to the house above it. The walls were old, ruddy bricks that looked ready to crumble, and where there wasn't brick showing, there were shelves. Plenty, and plenty of shelves. Deva had already taken the liberty of grabbing a few of those books on her way to the other side of the room.

They both froze at the sight of the end of the room though, for no bodies lay there. Seven bodies... seven bodies that were assumed dead but never checked. Deva looked over to Julian, and he nodded, their thoughts the same. The bloody mess was still there, and as they followed it, they found the path to lead up, towards the stairs. "They were supposed to be dead," Deva whispered, shaking her head. "It was seven people. Seven... crafices... days..." Her voice came out distorted after that, like a radio playing on a bad signal.

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