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(Last we left off when Y/n Made Maki his partner and Showed her how to use her power when he was interrupted by his biggest bully james chen)


None Pov

Its Been 2 Weeks now since that incedent with james now

Here we see y/n walking to the headmistress office Minding his own busniess 

Y/n: Hello Readers as you wanted to know How did you deal with that bully well "Short Story" I inferno YEETED Him when he tried to steal my driver and send him to the hospial in a hurry and now with that out the way lets see what the Headmistress Wants with dear Me

Y/n then arrives to the Headmistress Office and knocks 

???: Come in 

Y/n then opens the door the reveal her sitting in her chair with her fingers intertwined looking at him 

He ignores her and sits down In the chair in the middle and crosses his legs 

Y/n: So what do you want from me Mary Come to break my heart again *crosses arms*

Marry Sighs And she has a Hurtful look on her face 

Mary: Y/-

Y/n cuts her off before she can finish 

Y/n: Its Jin to you your not worthy of saying my real name Got it 

Mary: *sigh* its Headmistress and no your not here for that im here to ask a favor f-

Before she can say her sentence he gets up and starts walking to the door

Y/n: Nope Goodbye 

Before Y/n can open the door Marry shouts


Y/n Sighs and Turns around and sits down in the chair and looks at her

Y/n: Speak

"Mary smiles and continue speaking"

Mary: Well I would like you to be a guard at two schools since you have nothing i suppose to do here

Y/n: You want me to be a guard for two schools Hmm Ok im down Im really only training Maki and that is really it for most of my time so sure im do i leave

Mary smiles at y/n

Mary: Right now here *hands map to y/n* Here are the both location if your wondering 

Y/n takes the map and gets up and starts walking away 

Mary: Y/n Stop right there 

Y/n Stops and looks at her 

Y/n: yes Mary what do you need 

Mary starts looking sad 

Mary: I was wondering if you wanted to talk about "us" 

Y/n Looked at her emotionless 

Y/n: There is no 'Us' Not when you cheated on me with some random guy and sent me a video of it too Your lucky im even talking with you right now so good bye forever *walks out of room and slams door shut*

Mary: Y/n Wai-

All she could hear was a loud Slam followed by silence and then sobs as we see mary at her desk with her crying really bad

Mary: Please Im Sorry Y/n I have no one Else Left I still Love you Please *Sniff* Come Back

As the camera fades out we are left with a sobbing mary with a broken heart 

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