Chapter 11: Going Home

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Well, our Honeymoon is over so we are heading home now. Bella's been acting weird. She's not herself. She loves swimming but yesterday she wouldn't go swimming with me. Hmm...

I got into the limo with bella. "Bella, what's wrong? You are acting very weird." i said.

"I don't feel that great. My stomach is hurting and..." Bella said, "once we get back, we're talking with Carlisle."

I nodded.

Once we got home, we unpacked. "Bella! What's wrong with her?' Alice and Rose screamed. Edward came crashing into me. "what'd you do to Bella!? If you hurt her, I'll hurt you!"

"No you will not! Go Edward!" Carlisle said. "Let's get Bella upstairs."

Once we got her upstairs, Carlisle asked Bella, "Bella, how do you feel? Where's the pain at?"

"My stomach. It hurts badly." Carlisle did an x-ray on her stomach and he said, "Oh my! Jasper, Bella is pregnant! With a VAMPIRE BABY!!!!"

Everyone ran upstairs. Edward came after me. "I told you NOT to hurt her! You're dead meat Jasper!" Edward said.

He came after me. I moved and he fell through a window but jumped back up. He tried to bite me and I threw him across the room. "Emmett! stop them!" Esme yelled. Emmett grabbed Edward and pulled him downstairs with Alice and Rose. I stayed up here with Bella, Esme and Carlisle. "Esme, I'm sorry 'bout that."

"It's fine. You didn't start it but, fix my window later!" I chuckled and nodded.

About two hours later...
"Sorry Jasper." Edward said. I nodded and pushed him out of the room. Bella was laying on our bed. I walked up to her. "Sorry about Edward and all of this crap." I said.

"Jazzy, it's fine. I love you and I'm happy!" Bella said.

"I love you too but after you have the baby I'll have to turn you into a vampire!" I said. Bella nodded. I fixed the window and laid down with Bella and she soon fell asleep in my arms.

Hey guys! sorry i haven't updated in awhile! i've been busy with school and stuff. sorry this chapter is short! i should have a new chapter up sometime. thanks

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