Written with no name-PROLOUGE

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I picked my wooden acuostic guitar and headed out for the door. Damn I was literally living on a knife's edge here, I owed people money that I didn't have and every job I some how got I lost. I managed to pay most of them except for a Gang called BreAk. I was so desparate and I had borrowed money from them and now didn't have any thing to pay them back with. I know I'm living on the brink of death but some how it always keeps me on my toes.

I walked out the door with my guitar in my left hand and headed for the fountain in the middle of Sydney City. This was my last chance to earn some extra money just to stay alive. The sun was out today and as I walked out the door i felt my hands tingle. I was ready to play.

When I got to the fountaun I took out my guitar and laid the case infront of my for money. I put the strap over my shoulder and neck and began to pick and the strings. I felt my guitar vibrate as it let out a beautiful sound that any musican would find irrisistable. I started playing 'Sweet Home Alabama' and when i was half way through the song that's when she caught my eye. Her name was Amy, her tag even said it. She was beautiful, eyes like the sea hair like chocolate and a tall sleek figure. She was so pretty just like her name but little did I know that she would get me into more trouble than I was already in. She would also steal everything I had, including my heart.

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