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Hello. I forgot what I was gonna talk about. It's currently 12:29 am.

Well I guess I can say that I am at 915 followers which is close to my 920 goal. Why 920? Because that's when I post the rewrite of the first book I ever made, Batman's Daughter ^-^
(If you want a dedication, just tell me!!)

Wattpad's acting up, as per usual!

My period is here which would explain my terrible mood this morning.

On the bright side, I went with my dad-er, rather I was forced to go with my dad-on some errands to grab a new car battery (because his died-this morning in the parking lot and not on the road, thank god!) and other things (including dinner). But it was good! We talked about stuff. I somehow got into explaining him the difference between Pansexuality and bisexuality (why? I don't honestly remember. I swear I have the memory of a fish sometimes-) so it was nice to educate him. He's around his late 60s and he was born in 1950 and that stuff wasn't really talked about then.

I also, awkwardly explained, that the idea of sex and carrying a child sounds gross in my opinion and why I'm adopting children instead😅

I don't know if he really gets it still but you know, he's trying.

It's been almost a year since I came out and it feels weird to call the asexual flag 'my flag' and asexuality 'my identity'.

I don't know, it'll probably change as I get older.

For the record, my coming out anniversary is on July 26th ^-^ (or July 22nd, apparently I told someone on Wattpad, according to the user themselves, that I came out to them on the 22nd-)

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