Chapter 1 - Prolouge

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November 2011

My name is Jenna Emily Howells. My birthday is June 19, 1997, making me 14 years old. My parents are Daniel and Georgia. They are protective of me at times, but when it comes to boys, they don't really care, as long as they know the boy.

Speaking of boys, I've known a boy named Luke Hemmings since I was five. We are really good friends and we go to school together. We met because my mum met Liz, Luke's mum, when I was five, then I met Luke a few days later. We have seen each other at least every other day, if not every day, since the day we met. We are inseparable. Luke is my best friend ever. He would do anything for me. Since we've known each other for ten years, Luke knows,everything about me, and went through everything with me. Since Liz is a math teacher, and I'm not hat good at math, I'm over at his house to study with his mum, then to hang out with him.

I also know Calum and Michael. They are Luke's and my friends too. Luke, Michael, and Calum are in a bad together called 5 Seconds of Summer. Michael came up with it when I was sitting next to him in math class. I've known Calum and Michael for a while now. I can't remember how long, but I know it's been a long time.

My siblings.... Well, I have a lot. There is Jayden, my oldest brother, who is 26. Then Jessica, who is 23. After Jessica is Jordyn, my youngest older sister, who is 18. Then me, and finally Jack who is 11. It was kind of hectic when I was 4-7 years old. We had everyone in the house. Then, Jack wasn't much of a baby anymore, and Jayden moved out when he was 18 and got crazy with drugs and alcohol. He is always at clubs, drinking and smoking something. Jessica (I call her Jess) is way better. She moved out when she was 19, then married when she was 21. She got married to Joseph Thomas. Jordyn just moved out a few months ago, so now it's just mum, dad, Jack, and me.

My best (girl) friend in the world is Carley Kayser. We mostly hang out when I'm not with Luke, so I'm usually either with Luke or Carley. It's great having two best friends. Carley and Luke are friends too, but not as close as me and Carley or me and Luke.
Now let me tell you about my story. My love story with Luke Robert Hemmings.


First chapter✔️

Btw, on the cover, the little boy and girl on the top are supposed to be Luke and Jenna, then they're underneath those pictures. The baby is in the middle of them.

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