7: Icy blue

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The first week of school started off fairly okay, but by the time school let out on Wednesday, I was just about to collapse from exhaustion. I groaned when I remembered that I promised Nichole I would come check out the coffee shop where she worked.

Mum dropped me off and left for the office. I had a quick shower and slipped into a pair of black jeans and a white tank top. Amber was waiting for me outside her house, because we were going together, since I didn't know where the coffee shop was located.

"Hey" I sighed, squinting against the glare of the sun to see the road in front of me.

"Hey. Did you have something to eat yet?" She asked and my stomach growled in response.


"Don't worry, Nichole said she'd hook us up with free food" she said with an excited gleam in her eyes. I'd only known Amber for four days now and one of the things I noticed about her was that she ate, a lot. I always wondered where the food went to, because no matter how much she ate, she was still very slim.

"Did you already eat?" I asked, suspicious of her bright smile.

"Yeah. But I'm still hungry" she replied with an impish grin. I rolled my eyes and chuckled. Of course she'd still be hungry. The girl was a food monger.

We walked for a couple blocks, until we came to a halt in front of a hole in the wall shop, built with red bricks. The sign on the top of the building had the simple name 'The Coffee Shop'. There was a small white coffee cup beside the 'shop'.

"That's not a very intelligence name for an establishment" I blurted out.

"Ramon was going for something simple and elaborate. He's not too big on the fancy names" Amber chuckled.

"And, you might want to keep that opinion to yourself" she warned as we stepped into the shop. It was cute, warm and cozy. The walls were painted red and white. Several little brown tables and chairs were scattered all over the place and one side of the shop was covered in red booths. There was a display case in front of the counter, lined with different yummy looking pastries. The place smelled of flour and coffee beans. The scent made my stomach rumble and my mouth watered.

"Welcome to the coffee shop. How may I help you?" A curvy brunette asked us with a big smile.

"Hey Carol" Amber piped up from beside me and the brunette focused her attention on her.

"Hey Amber, long time. Nichole's out back" she said casually as she pushed a tray filled with burgers and fries to a waiting customer.

"Who's your friend?" She asked, turning to me with a warm smile.

"Carol, this is Melissa," Amber replied, pointing between us, "and Mel, this is Carol"

"Nice to meet ya" Carol said, sticking her hand out for a handshake.

"Likewise" I replied and shook her hand.

"Hey guys!" Nichole said and came over to us with a tray of freshly baked cupcakes.

"Thanks for covering for me Carol" she said gratefully.

"No problem. I'll be in the kitchen if you need me" Carol said and exited through a side door.

I looked around the coffee shop and noticed that no one was exactly drinking coffee. In fact, they were eating foods you'd find in a fast food restaurant.

"Why's this place called the coffee shop? It looks more like a fast food restaurant" I said, confused.

"It's more like a 24/7 fast food restaurant, but when it first opened, it was only a small café. With time it grew, but Ramon wasn't to keen on changing the name" Nichole shrugged in response.

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