4: Battle of opinions

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Friday passed by in a blur of activities. My mum called in her friend, who was an interior designer, to re-decorate my room. Even though all I asked for was a change of paints. The interior decorator flooded our house with her entire team, and began renovating the whole room. The pool guy came in a while later, to clean out the pool. the Gardner came in after the pool guy, to tend to the flowers and trees at the backyard. Finally, the cleaning lady came in to clean after the decorations were done and mum left hours later to run some household errands. I didn't really participate in any of the activities for the day. For the most part, I just stayed out of everybody's way as they went about their business, and I really did enjoy not having to do anything.

Now it's Saturday morning. Mum was in the shower and I was in the kitchen drinking cereal and scrolling through Instagram. The doorbell rang so suddenly, and I glared at the door, before I begrudgingly left my cereal to see who was at our door at 8am in the freaking morning.

"Hi. You must be Melissa, I'm Amber I live just down the street" a cheery, redhead burst out and bobbed up and down on her feet, then she pointed at the house three doors away from mine.

"Err...hi?" I replied wearily.

"I brought pie," she said and thrusted what I assume is an apple pie into my stomach. I released an "oomph" sound, and rubbed my stomach while she barreld into the house, completely pushing me aside.

Who's this crazy chick?

"Ohh, it's so nice to meet you. You look just like your mum. I hope you like apple pie. Mum always makes me bring one of those. I'd have been here earlier, but your house was busy yesterday" she rambled on while I stared wide-eyed and discreetly backed away from her.

"Slow down," I said slowly as i backed away towards the kitchen, to escape the crazy psycho in my living room.

"I'm sorry, sometimes I get overly excited" she said and turned bright red.

"Amber, dear! How lovely to see you," my mum said from somewhere behind me and I jumped in surprise.

"Hi, Mrs Whitfield" she replied. Does she still go by dad's last name? I always thought she ditched it for her maiden name after the divorce.

"Melissa, I'd like you to meet Amber. she's Martha's daughter" mum said and placed a hand on my shoulder.

"We already met" Amber replied and waved her hand in dismissal of the introduction.

"How nice. Would you mind joining us for breakfast?" Mum asked her.

"No, thank you. I've got to go run some errands for my mum at the store".

"Oh, okay. Hey, maybe Melissa could join you. That way, you can show her around" mum suggested with a warm smile and my eyes nearly bugged out of its socket.

"Oh, I don't think that's a-" I started protesting at the absurd idea, but Amber's voice cuts me off.

"Really?" Amber squealed joyfully.


"I'd love that".

"Great. Mel, go change into something else and go to the store with Amber" mum turned to me with a delightful smile.

"Are you sure?" I asked, silently pleading her with my eyes to not let me go anywhere with this nutbag.

"Of course I'm sure honey. You could use some fresh air and besides it's a great way for you to get used to your environment" mum replied and walked into the kitchen with Amber hot on her heels. I retreated back to my room and with a defeated sigh, I plucked out a pair of blue jeans and a peach crop top then paired it with my white converse and made my way downstairs.

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