2: Hey mum

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Wednesday came and went in a blur and the next thing I knew, it was Thursday. Janice came into my room and helped me pack my things, while I sat crossed legged on my bed, as I stared at the wall.

"Oh honey, it's all going to work out" she said and came to sit beside me on the bed. I leaned my head on her shoulder and she wrapped her arms around me, and stroked my hair.

"I don't want to go" I sighed.

"I know honey, but this could be good for you," she said after a beat "and your mum".

"I'll miss you and dad".

"We'll miss you too honey. It won't be the same without you and your crazy ways around here," she laughed. "We'll come to visit a lot" she added.


"I promise" she replied and stopped stroking my hair, to hand me a tissue. I heard knocking on my door, and my dad stepped in.

"You ready kiddo?" He asked while looking around my room, which was now bare, as almost all my belongings were packed in the four luggage in front of my bed.

"Yeah I'm ready," I say while swallowing a thick lump before getting off the bed.

"It'll be alright," he said and hugged me tightly, before carrying out my bags.

Janice and I walked hand in hand together down the stairs and out the house. Dad had already put the last bag in the trunk, and went to open the driver's door.

"Well, I guess this is goodbye" I said and hugged Janice.

"It's never goodbye honey, rather see you later?" She said hopefully.

"Yeah, okay. See you later" I replied and squeezed her one more time before I let go and walked to the car.

"I'll be back later" dad said to her before he got into the car and then we to drove off. She waved to us as we drove away from the house and I waved back to her, until we turned the corner and I couldn't see her anymore.

"I'm sorry kiddo" he said and grabbed my hand in his.

"It's not your fault" I replied and turned to look out the window as the city went by in a blur of colour, noise, and smell.

We reached the airport in no time and dad helped to unload my bags. We grabbed a trolley and headed for the terminal. We went through several checkpoints where at one point, my bags were taken away and dad and I went to the waiting area, to wait for my flight.

"Your mum says she'll be there to pick you up when you arrive" he said offhandedly while he typed on his phone.

"Great" I murmured while I stared at nothing in particular.

"I know this is hard for you Mel, but give your mum a chance. She's really trying here and it's not her fault things turned out the way it did," he said and put his phone away.

"It's not yours either" I reminded him, because one again, he was blaming himself for the way their marriage ended.

"It's mostly my fault" he sighed and relaxed into the uncomfortable chair.

"No, it's not. Things happen and sometimes we can't control the situation" I said defiantly. I hated when he always gave himself a hard time over the situation. It just wasn't fair for him to bare the brunt of the issue himself.

"You're so smart kiddo," he said and kissed me on my head. A lady's voice boomed over the speakers later, announcing my flight.

"Well I guess it's time," dad said sadly and we both got to our feet.

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