I wake up in the middle of the night from a nightmare. After I calm myself down and get water, I walk to the back of the bus. I quietly open the door. None of them are awake. I walk to Ashley's bed and crouch down beside him.

    I shake him a little and he complains with a moan. I purse my lips and open them, "I had a nightmare. Can I sleep with you?" No response. He just turns away from me. I get up, about to walk back to the living room but I hear a , "Wait." I'm hoping to God that its Ashley. I turn only to find him still turned around sleeping. I look around and the only other person awake is Andy. I walk to him and sit beside his bed, back to his face.

    He hugs my neck and plants a kiss on my head. A tear falls from my face.

    "I broke up with Juliet about a week ago once I figured out how she was rubbing it in your face" Now he has me looking at him.

    "You didn't ha-" I start but he interrupts me. "I wanted to. It wasn't right for her to do that to you." Another tear falls from my eye, but this time, he sees it and wipes it away. He kisses the freckle on my chin. I stand up and he scoots over. I lay down on the bed with him and  my face lies on his chest and we fall back asleep.


    When I wake, all the guys are gone. They have to set up for their concert tonight. I have no idea what state we are in. No i dear what city either. I get up and go to the bathroom and fix my hair and makeup. I put new clothes on and walk out to the auditorium. I see them setting up for the concert and run to the stage. A guard stops me before I can. "You can't go up there." I take my first step onto the stage. "Ma'am you can't see them unless you have a backstage pass," he says. I wrinkle my nose and try again to walk past him. This time he grabs me, hard.

    "HEY!!!" I hear Andy say. The guard jerks his head in Andy's direction. "She lives with us," he says with less anger, "Let her up here." I jerk my arm from the guard's grasp and stick my tongue out at him. I run up to Andy. I smile so big and jump into andys arms. We nearly knock the mic stand down, but we don't care. I wrap my legs around his hips and kiss him. I feel that familiar lip ring. It feels good. He puts me down slowly. And he steadys the mic stand. I watch his fingers put it the rest of the way together.

    He has long bony fingers. But they are strong. He finishes and walks over to me, "So what made you come back to me?" I bite my lip, hard. He notices what I'm trying to do and kisses me. I look at him, "Ash doesn't really like me like that. I mean yeah, we kissed, but I knew it wasn't real. And the last saw is when I realized that I didn't mean enough to him for him to wake up. Then you did, I knew I had been in the wrong and I missed you so much. I was being stupid to ignore the fact that youre the one who truly cares about me." His eyes are teary. Oh no, I think to myself, I'm such a horrible person.

    He grabs me by the wrists and drags me out of the auditorium. Into the bus. He kisses me hard on the mouth. I hesitate out of fear, but then I wrap my arms around his neck. He kisses me on my neck and pushes me on the couch. He looks down at me and takes his shirt off. He is on top of me. My shirt is gone. Valeri, you can do this. Its not illegal. I hear a knock at the door and Andy jumps up and locks it. He moves me to the back room and lays me down on his bed. My pants are gone. I'm nervous. His are gone. I'm scared. He starts kissing me again and he sucks gently on my collarbone, leaving a deep red mark. He moves back to my face with tears in his eyes still. He kisses me gently this time, and it is more than a kiss. I can feel it in my heart as it sets me on fire. The rest of our clothes are gone. And all I can think is, This is going to be amazing. And there it happens. This is meant to happen.

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