Chapter 1

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Third person's pov:

Taehyung released a long breath, throwing himself on the bed along with the last bag beside the others.

"Thanks hyung, like really. I would've died doing this all alone"

He said dramatically waving his hands.

Namjoon chuckled sitting beside him on the bed.

"That's why I say you should work out"

The younger rolled his eyes.

"Oh please, hyung. It's already enough work out to shift our places every two months"

Namjoon gave a sad smile looking at his brother who had his eyes closed in exhaustion.

"I know it's hard Tae. But our parents do this for us. It's a part of their job"

The elder softly said looking out of the window. Taehyung saw the mood change, he huffed and sat up.

"Of course I know that Joonie. But it gets hard. I can't live like this, I can't even make friends this way"

Both brothers sat beside each other in silence for a few seconds before Namjoon placed a hand on Taehyung's knee. Giving it a squeeze and a cheerful smile.

"Well, that's why you're here. You'll stay in the dorms and definitely make some friends"

Taehyung pouted but still gave a smile to his brother.

"Hopefully. But I'm gonna miss mom, dad and you"

The elder knew Taehyung was getting sad so he teasingly smiled at him to lighten up his mood.

"You sure you'll miss me? I mean you're free. No longer sharing a room with me"

Taehyung pursed his lips and pointed at the other bed across them with a frown.

"I.. still have to share though. And what if he's worse than you?"

Namjoon stood up from the bed and stretched his arms.

"That's your luck then. Finally you'll appreciate your amazing brother"

The younger scoffed and hit him on the arm.

Namjoon chuckled grabbing his car keys and phone.

"I have to go now. It's off time, your roommate will be here. But if you need anything just call me, ok?"

Taehyung sighed and nodded mumbling a small 'okay'. Namjoon raised an eyebrow and looked at him expectantly.

The younger stood up and hugged him. His brother smiled and hugged back.

"Call mom when you get time, she'll be worried. And.. we'll miss you too, you dumb head"

Taehyung chuckled moving away.

"I hate you. Tell mom and dad that I'm good"

Namjoon was already at the door. He smiled and nodded. Bidding a last 'take care' and left.

Finally being alone in the form Taehyung decided to look around. The first thing he didn't like was the dull and boring atmosphere.

His university was one of the best ones in Seoul so as expected the dorm rooms were pretty decent and furnished too. But he guessed his roommate was probably a boring person.

He looked at the living room area, the small kitchen, the bathroom of course.

He walked back to his bed and decided to finally unpack his stuff.

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