Chapter 8 - The truth

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"Rise and shine, Miss L/n," The curtains opened up to reveal a rising sun on the New York skyline. A week has passed, yes, a week. What have you been doing? Trying to figure out a way back home... Well Dr Banner was, you didn't try your best because you didn't have much to go back to.

"Jarvis! Close the curtains! Why so early?!" You groaned and buried your head deeper into the pillows.

"Mr Rogers and Miss Romanoff request you to be in the living room, with proper sport attire on, ready for the day," Jarvis said with a cheery tone, finding it amusing to wake you up so early. You groaned even louder in attempt to make Jarvis feel bad, failing miserably. You walked to the bathroom and turned on the tap, splashing cold water in your face. Feeling suddenly awake you gitter at the sudden energy.

"Who needs cocaine am I right?" You mumbled to yourself. Wiping off the water and brushing your teeth you put on training clothes you got a day or so after meeting with Fury. Pulling on socks and trainers you walk to the living room, looking sleepy once the jolt of energy from the cold water had worn off.

"Morning, Y/n," You hum and slump down on the island table resuming your sleep. Loki walks in with a book in hand and sees the scene.

"Allow me," He says with a smirk, causing Nat and Steve to worry. He conjures up a Gjallarhorn and takes a deep breath, Nat and Steve quickly cover their ears as Loki blows into the horn causing a deafening noise to blare out. Jolting awake you fall to the floor and cover your ears.

"What in the name of Heimdall?!" You open your eyes to see the culprit, Loki, holding the horn and smirking, quickly making it disappear.

"You're welcome," he sings cheerily and resumes his book.

"I'm gonna get you back for that, Horns," Loki had taken a liking to scaring you daily, so why not start early? You would get him back for that, be sure of it. Ever since the little confrontation in the library Loki had warmed up to you more, you couldn't say that he had done the same for the avengers.

"We need to discuss training regimens," Cap said when you glared at Loki's figure turning the corner to the elevator. Standing up, you rub your temples and grab an apple from the fruit bowl.

"I start training today?" Your attention was grabbed when Nat nodded. "Will I learn to use my powers?" Taking a bite from the apple, Cap spoke.

"We don't know how we would train you in that area, we have no knowledge of Asgardian magic," you swallow when an idea pops into your head.

"How about we get Loki to teach me?" Cap wheezes and so does Nat. "I'm serious, unless you take me to Asgard there isn't anyone else,"

"No way, nosedive," you turn around to see Tony walk in. "If that was to happen I'd have to take his restraints off,"

"Restraints?" Your raise a brow.

"Yeah, I made a bracelet that would limit his power, like he can't teleport more than a few meters and apparently he can't summon weapons anymore so that's probably stopping a few murders in the tower," rolling your eyes you finish off the apple in hand and throw it out.

"You know maybe he would be nicer to you guys if you didn't treat him like a dangerous animal," you fold your arms at the three.

"You're right, he isn't a dangerous animal, he's a dangerous villain," Tony grumbles.

"He's not a villain!" Raising your voice only caused more tension to build.

"So what do you classify as a villain? Because apparently killing 80 people in 2 days and causing an alien invasion isn't enough!" Tony yells at you, stepping closer.

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