Chapter 40- Our New Life Begins

"The fox and the hound became best friends. The End." I closed the book lightly and saw my 3 beautiful children. Rafael Knight; a 8 years old son who looks like his father when he was younger. Same hair, eye color, and attitude. Jasmine Mae Knight; 6 years old daughter who has my personality, hair, and eyes. Lastly, George: 4 years old son who has my eye color, hair, and his dad's attitude.

"But mom, the father fox shouldn't live! It would be so awesome if he died!" Rafael told me while he was playing with his gun toys.

"Well I think the father fox SHOULD have live because everyone should give another chance. Right George?" Jasmine told me with her chin up.

"Well, I agwee with Jazzy. I want them to have a happy ending! Sowwy Rafy." George told him shyly.

"Well, still, the father fox should have die-" Rafael was rudely interupted.

"NO! They can't-"

"Yes they can because-"

I was about to stop the argue when my pghone beeped. I looked at the message and read it.

Don't stop the arguing. I want to argue with them too. I'm at the door watching you beautiful.

I smiled and looked behind the door. It was him. My love. I got my phone and texted him back.

In the count of 3. Got it?

I signalled 1, 2, and-

"Surprise!" Aiden pushed the door, ran towards them, and kissed all of them on the cheek.


"You're home!"

"We missed you dad!"

I stood up on the chair I was sitting on and went to Aiden and started to kiss him.

"Yeah, we missed you."

"Eww dad. Stop kissing mom. That's just gross."Rafael said with a

'I'm-going-to-puke-right-now" look.

"Well I think that's romantic." Jasmine giggled.

"Guess who's coming today?" Aiden asked our children ask I carried George.

"Who?" Rafael, Jasmine, and George asked.

"Hey guysCiara behind the door and saw Zach and Ciara barging in.

"Aunt Ciara!" Jasmine ran towards her.

"Uncle Zach!" Rafael smiled.

"What are you guys doing here? I thought you were coming here next week?" I asked Ciara with a smile.

"Well, I was so excited to see you guys, I started packing my things!" Ciara answered while tickling Jasmine.

"Yeah, and she even had to punch me so I would go with her." Zach grumbled.

"Well, I'm hungry. Let's celebrate! Wooohooooo!" Aiden yelled and got George from me and ran out.

"Come on Princess Jasmine." Ciara bowed and Jasmine smiled like a princess.

"Race ya there Uncle Zach!" Rafael yelled and ran.

"Wait for me!" Zach smiled at me and ran.

As I went down, I looked at the pictures hanging on the wall. There were pictures of Zach and Ciara, our 3 children, parents, and Aiden and I laughing.

You see, I was this simple girl.

I had a simple life.

I had a confusing life when I met Aiden.

Nathan was killed- which I was glad at.

Aiden is now a business man while I work as a fashion designer and I'm the top 5 world's best designers.

Now I have 3 beautiful children; Rafael, Jasmine, and George.

Hannah is now dating an Australian guy for 5 years.

Zach and Ciara were engaged, and I was bridesmaid!

Lastly, the most important thing...

We were one big happy family.


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