Chapter 39-Gift For My Girl

I sat down on my bed and layed down. I can't believe she said yes! It's been 2 days since we said "i love you" to each other.

I had to do something special for her. I love her and she loves me.

What can I give her. Flowers? Neh. Jewellery? Nope! AHA!

I ran to the nearest store and went in.

~ 3 hours later ~

I knocked on Heather's door and hid the gift behind me. The door opened and saw Ciara.

"Hey Aiden," Ciara smiled.

"Hey Ciara. Is Heather inside?"

"Yeah, she just finished having sex with Eaton. Right Heather? I have to go, bye!" Ciara rambled and ran to her car and went in.

Wait, did Ciara just tell me that Heather just finished having-

"HEATHER!" I slammed the door and ran to her bedroom. I saw Heather laying down using her headphones humming a song.

"What did you do?"  I asked angrily.

"Woah chill Aiden. What happened?" Heather asked in a worried tone. She removed he headphones and threw it aside.

"Ciara told me you just finished having-having something with Eaton!" Please, don't tell me she did.

"I hate you Ciara," she grumbled, "she told you because it was a dare. We thought it was Zach, but then you came." I sighed in relief and hugged her.


"I would never go out and cheat with someone when I'm with you right now," she pouted and wrapped her arms.

"Good because I bought you something." I gave her the box and she grabbed it from me. I chuckled when she ran and jumped to her bed and opened it like an excited child.

She opened the box and-

"AAAAAAHHHHHHH! YOU BOUGHT ME A PUPPY! Thank you so much!" She got the chow chow puppy and jumped on the bed.

"So what are you going to name your pup?" I sat down at her desk and folded my arms.

"You mean we? Well, I was thinking of Oreo," she giggled.

"Then Oreo it is." She ran to me and kissed me on the lips. I pushed her towards her bed and she fell backwards.

I kissed her neck with wet kisees and she moaned.

"Aiden," I smirked. My hands went under her shirt and I started removing my shirt. She suddenly went on top of me while I was laying on my back. She startef grinding on me while I kissed her hard.

I was about to remove her shirt when Oreo started barking at us. I groaned and Heather giggled. She stood up and fixed herself. I glared at Oreo and stood up. I fucking forgot that Oreo was here.

"Maybe some other time. Oreo wouldn't like it if we did," Heather seduced me, got Oreo, and left me in the bedroom and that made me hard.

"Shit," I mumbled.

I need a cold shower right now.


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