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The day was going so well too.
Hi my name is Annabeth Thawne and I am Girl Flash. I love being Girl Flash except for one thing... Wally West. He bothers me and I want to kick him really hard in the face.
On the "special day" when all of us sidekicks were being admitted into the Justice League, Wally and everyone else decided to be rebellious while I decided to be good and stay at the Hall of Justice.
They got to make a team of sidekicks and luckily, Barry (The Flash) decided he'd keep me on the field.
Until that unfortunate day.
"Annabeth, come into the kitchen, please." Barry called. Yes, I lived with Barry Allen.
I walked into the kitchen and said,"Yeah Barry-" I saw Batman in the kitchen. "I mean Flash."
"Girl Flash, we want you to join our team." Batman ordered.
"THE JUSTICE LEAGUE!!??" I yelled.
"No, the Young Justice League." Batman answered.
"Oh, uh..."
Barry nodded.
"Yeah, of course, Bruce, I mean Wayne-Bat-Bruce-man-Mr.Wayne- I mean Batman." I replied.
He nodded and disappeared out of the door.
"Put on your suit." Barry said.
I ran and quickly put on my costume. It was an inverse flash muscle shirt, yellow pants that went past my knees, red high top sneakers, and my goggles.
I ran out, slipping on my goggles. I followed Barry to the nearest zeta beam as we teleported to headquarters.

A/N: HEY HAII WASSUP I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO WRITE A YJ FANFIC OK my regular posting days are Wednesday, Friday, and maybe the weekends
I'm sorry this is bad but the next parts will be longer and more detailed
By the way this story isn't going in order of how Young Justice went
I might skip stuff so just to let you know

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