Chapter Four

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You weren't really a part of anything the rest of that year. You weren't there for Harry's first Quidditch game. All you basically did was go to class, do your work, eat, and then retreat to your dorm when it was a break or free time.

The Golden Trio started to worry for you. They sent owls with notes to your dorm, asking if you were alright.

Then one day, as you were walking to your dorm you were confronted by them.

"(Y/n), we are worried about you. We know it's about your father and we wanted to know if theres anything we can do to help you." Harry said.

You looked down.

"Hey, maybe we can go to Hagrid's. I'm sure he'd like to meet you. There no one else as comforting as Hagrid." Said Ron, a big smile on his face.

You looked at each one of them individually and gave a small sad smile.

"Maybe another time. I need to be alone right now.." you said.

Hermionie hugged you. "Very well. Just, be safe. Take care okay? If you ever need anything, anything at all, you can come to us."

You nodded.

That was the last time you talked to them the rest of that year. They eventually figured out how you found out about your dad.

They hated Malfoy with a passion.

By the end of the school year, nothing changed. Malfoy was still cruel. The Slytherins were as talkative as ever.

They were extremely pissed when Dumbledore awarded Gryffindor last minute points and they ended up taking the house cup from Slytherin.

Not that you cared.

It was just an award.

But something did change that night.

As you were in your little corner at the Slytherin table and ate, you felt someone slide next to you.


A boy.

You looked up and seen a boy you've seen around. He was a third year and he was on the Slytherin Quidditch team. A beater.

Why was he talking to you?

"Hi...?" You responded.

"Hey uh..listen. I know that this year wasn't your best and that the rest of the Slytherins really don't like you for what you do but.. I think what you do is great. It's really great."

You smiled.

"My name's Daniel. And you're (y/n) right?"

You nodded. "Yes."

He smiled. His eyes were gray blue, his hair dark black and a killer white smile.

So...why was he talking to you? You're a potato! ( No you're not you all are beautiful xD had to imply that)

"Who payed you?" You asked.

He smiled. "What?"

"Who payed you to talk to me?"

"No one. I've been wanting to talk to you but... I never knew what to say.."


You kept your calm on the outside but inside you were freaking out.

"Listen uh, I was wondering..since school is almost over and we're going to spend the remainder of the time packing, if you would like to hang out during summer?" He blushed.

"Yes." You smiled and nodded.

You both worked out where and when you would meet and where he can write to you and where you can write to him.

Draco was angry about Gryffindor taking the house cup. He stared at the table and huffed.

He looked over to Crabbe, who was laughing about something he was seeing.

Draco followed his gaze.

And there you were, blushing at something that the Slytherin Quidditch beater said. Daniel, he believed his name was.

His cheeks grew hot from anger and he narrowed his eyes at you two.

Not that you noticed.

Draco huffed again and looked away. Why was he angry?

He could care less.


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