Hehe thats quote true sometime

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Hey wolves its me and i just want to say that some people freak out when they get so many reads for ex. "OMG GUYS GUYS I GOT 10000000000000.k READS OMG *happy dance*"ok we get it and we see it and when they write something really long and is not the story ex.2 "thank you guys so much i just wanted to say thank you to so on so on" and u have to skip like 10 or 20 pages untill u reach the real chapter or when someone said they will do some but dont "OMG...*eyes fall out... puts them back in right place* I REACHED "BIG NUMBER" READS OMG IM GOING TO RECORD A VID OF ME SINGING AND DANCING TO THE SONG THAT IS MOST VOTED *vote for song Blank Space won does nothing and acts like u ever said that*" and those people who dont freak out or stop freaking out because 100000000000000+ read your book cause they wanted to and u just dont give a f*** bye wolves

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